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Published at 14th of June 2020 08:51:57 PM
Chapter 1179
Chapter 1179 Young Master, Catch Mine

They talked and laughed as the fresh breeze swept across their faces, their moods soaring .

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After all, they had endured one year of training experience and faced many dangers inside . Now that they had made it out alive and their cultivation strength had advanced and the bond between them was much stronger . This was something that they wouldn’t have been able to achieve at home .

Two days later, in the evening, they came to a city and stayed at an inn . The first thing they instructed the staff to do was to prepare hot water for them to take a hot bath .

They had ordered a whole table full of food and wine . After eating, Luo Fei laughed and said: “We can finally take a good rest . I want to sleep till I wake up naturally tomorrow . No one will wake me up tomorrow . ”

“Well, we will also have a good night’s sleep . I haven’t been able to take a good rest at all inside . At last, I can sleep comfortably here . ” Song Ming nodded and continued speaking: “We will set off after we are well rested . After all, we are not in a rush . ”

Ning Lang nodded: “That’s right, let’s rest for a couple of days first . ”

Duan Ye looked at Feng Jiu and asked: “Where will you go next? You’re really not returning to the Academy with us?”

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“I am going to the First Grade Country so I won’t go to the Academy . Just report when you return and also ask the Headmaster to send a message to the Six Star Academy to let them know . ”

“First Grade Country? They why not come with us? We want to go as well, won’t it be better to have company along the way? If you have anything you need doing, we will also be able to help . ”

“No need, I can manage by myself . ” She smiled and continued: “It’s not good for the body to sleep immediately after eating . Shall we go out and take a walk around the night market then come back?”

“Alright . ”

They responded as they were willing to go shopping as long as they were with her . Things like shopping at the night markets was something that girls enjoyed, so they didn’t understand why Feng Jiu liked going .

So, the few teenagers who weren’t keen on shopping accompanied Feng Jiu to go shopping in the night market . Bi Shan hadn’t gone with them, he had stayed behind in the inn .

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The few of them were good looking teenagers with handsome faces and their own characteristics . In addition, they were luxuriously dressed, so it was obvious with one look that they were sons of noble families . As they walked along the street, they naturally attracted the attention of many people, most of them teenage girls .

When they saw the girls raise their handkerchiefs slightly to cover their faces as they smiled shyly at them, Song Ming raised his chin proudly like a noble elegant young master and said: “I am valiant and heroic so naturally I mesmorise thousands girls everywhere I go . ”

“Cocky . ” Luo Fei glanced at him and said: “They’re obviously looking at me . ”

“Of course not . They’re looking at me . ” Ning Lang touched his round belly and smiled, his eyes gleaming .

Duan Ye rolled his eyes at those idiots . Those girls were obviously looking at Feng Jiu, not them .

“Young Master . ”

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A soft voice called out . They looked up and saw some fruit being thrown down from a room upstairs in the building beside them .

Feng Jiu froze for a moment then reached out to catch the fruit . With a charming smile, she ate the fruit .

When they saw this, the rest of them froze for a moment . Then they heard a surprised scream coming from inside the building .

“Ah! He caught my fruit! He ate my fruit . ”

“Ah! I want to throw too, Young Master, Young Master, catch my fruit, Young Master… . . ”

“Young Master, catch mine, Young Master, catch my fruit . ”

“Young Master, catch mine . ”

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