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Published at 14th of June 2020 08:52:02 PM
Chapter 1160

“How did this happen? These trees’ life forces…”

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All the people were shocked to see the trees in the forest and even the weeds growing on the ground turned yellow and withered at a speed visible to the naked eye at this moment . They withered away as if their life forces had been taken away .

The originally lush and verdant forest had become like a ghost forest because the life forces were taken away and the spirit energy breath absorbed . This made all the cultivators in this forest tremble with terror and felt extremely baffled .

How could this big forest suddenly be like this? What on earth were the people inside the boundary array doing? For them to take away the forest’s spirit energy breath and the life forces was simply so repulsive and nothing else could be more hateful than this!

This was cutting off their cultivation resources and made it impossible for them to gain a foothold in this outer periphery! This was killing them all!

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Whoever they were, nobody would allow this to happen . Likewise, they would absolutely not allow it and must stop that person!

With this in mind, they accelerated their speed to reach the outer area of the array . Nearly two hundred cultivators gathered here and watched the drastic changes in the sky . Gale suddenly rose from the ground and the spirit energy breath in the air swept inside rapidly . Even the trees were withering at a fast speed . One of those men shouted loudly .

“Who understands arrays? Everyone who understands it should come out and join forces to break the array . We’ll get to see who is destroying the life forces and cultivation resources here!”

The one who shouted was a Golden Core peak level cultivator . His voice was heard loud and clear by all the people around him . Naturally, Duan Ye and several others also heard it .

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Outside, those who understood boundaries and arrays stepped out one after another to get inside the boundary . Duan Ye and his friends were shocked and dismayed . They couldn’t help feeling worried and nervous .

“What to do? Doesn’t it seem that many people are drawn here? Are they going to deal with us?” Ning Lang asked anxiously .

“Feng Jiu is still advancing . No matter what, all of us have to keep guard so that he can advance with ease . If those people dare to come in, I’ll kill anyone that I find!” Duan Ye spoke fiercely . He called his contractual beast out, getting ready to fight .

“Right . No matter what, we have to guard Feng Jiu so that he can advance safely . This is what we should and must do!” Song Ming also spoke out while holding a long sword in his hand .

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Luo Fei, however, looked blankly at the surrounding trees in the boundary . After a good while, he murmured, “The news I received previously stated that when Feng Jiu went to the sacred realm to gain experience, he took out all the spirit energy and life force inside the realm . I kept thinking they were exaggerating, but looking at the scene in front of me, I can finally understand it . ”

The trees in front of them were withering at a speed visible to the naked eye . Their life forces seemed to have been plucked clean, similarly with the spirit energy . All were rushing to her cave-dwelling . Such a scene was so incredible . One wouldn’t believe it if not witnessing it with their own eyes .

However, why was it that Feng Jiu advanced this way while others wouldn’t? At the academy’s sacred realm, Feng Jiu advanced into the Golden Core stage like this, and now the same situation happened when he entered the Nascent Soul stage here . Did his body possess some secret? Otherwise, how could there be such an amazing change?

“Bang bang!”

Several of them looked at each other as they heard sounds coming from outside .

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