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Chapter 1159
Chapter 1159 The reappearing phenomenon

“This is…”

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Several of them were panicked and shocked to see dirt and debris rise up to the sky and the billowing dark clouds in the sky . They sensed a formidable and devastating aura pervading the air . They were too shocked to speak .

They were even more frightened, especially, when they saw that the aura seemed to be howling around the cave-dwelling where Feng Jiu was at . Did Feng Jiu have an accident?

They were very worried and wanted to go in and check . But, before they got close, they were blown by a mighty pressure . The few of them were swept out several meters away and tumbled down to the ground .


Blood spilt out from their mouths . They started to stand up while clutching their chest . Cloud Devouring Beast came to them and looked at them strangely .

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“What are you doing? Are you not afraid of hurting yourself, barging in like that? Can my master’s cave-dwelling be broken into at will? ” The beast rolled its eyes, watching those people clutching their chests with shock in their faces . Obviously, several of them had not yet figured out why they were thrown out .

Cloud Devouring beast shook his head . “My master is advancing . The way he advanced is different from yours . He is entering the Nascent Soul stage . So, how to put it…”

After thinking for some time, Cloud Devouring Beast still hadn’t revealed to them that Feng Jiu’s contracted beast was the ancient divine beast . It reckoned that the world-changing phenomenon that happened when its Mistress was entering the Nascent Soul stage was related to the ancient beast Fire Phoenix inside the space .

After all, Fire Phoenix was in deep cultivation for so long . Reportedly, it would soon break through into adulthood . Perhaps, it was also at this opportunity!

They were relieved to hear Cloud Devouring Beast’s explanation .

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It turned out that the uproar was due to Feng Jiu advancing . Although they didn’t know why there was so much commotion when one entered the Nascent Soul stage, they knew from Cloud Devouring Beast’s look that Feng Jiu’s life was not in danger and felt relieved .

But because of the extremely powerful and world-shaking way of Feng Jiu’s advancing, all the people in the forest, who had already become accustomed to the advancement here, were shocked again . Seeing a different uproar from the previous one, each of them became excited .

“They advanced one after another . There must be some treasures here . ”

“Right! Otherwise, it’s impossible to advance in short intervals . Besides, there are arrays and boundaries in that place . It’s obviously a treasure land! ”

“This time, we must break that array and boundary, to see what it actually is!”

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The cultivators of various parties in the outer periphery of the forest, the loose cultivator groups and the clan teams, all added up to at least a dozen of teams, They came at this time from all over the place to surround this place . They were trying to break the array and the boundary of this place and to see what’s actually inside .

Feng Jiu’s speed in entering the Nascent Soul stage wasn’t like Duan Ye and others at all . In their case, generally, several bolts of tribulation lightning would come down and the process was done and over with . However, layers of clouds in the sky were still surging and she was still absorbing the surrounding spirit energy breath frantically . The cave-dwelling, at this time, was like a bottomless vortex, absorbing all the spirit energy breath .

“Hiss! What a powerful suction! There must be some treasures in it!”

“All the spirit energy breath in the air has gone inside!”

“Heavens! Look, what’s going on? Why are all the trees in this area withering rapidly?”

When the people who went to that place saw that the trees in the forest turned yellow then turned dry and shrivelled, then blown down by the wind at the speed of the naked eye, they were all astonished . They saw such a phenomenon for the first time in their entire life…

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