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Chapter 1140: 1140
Chapter 1140: A Rustling Sound

The Nascent Soul Cultivator who was leading the team stared at the handsome young man dressed in red clothes in front, his eyes vigilant . The young man’s expression was neither shocked nor frightened . From the moment he saw them, the young man revealed no fear or panic . Something didn’t seem right .

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Thinking about it further, this young man actually had the ability to steal an egg from the eagle? His physical strength must be extraordinary . Moreover, he was not afraid of the Spirit Beast either? Under the eagle’s hunt, he managed to remain unharmed, this person was definitely not any ordinary person .

Precisely because of the misgivings in his heart, he calmed his frame of mind and shouted to stop the two people in front of him then he stepped forward and spoke to the handsome young man in red: “Hand over the eagle egg and I will let you leave safely . ”

As soon as these words were spoken, the people behind the Nascent Soul cultivator were stunned: “Let him leave? Why? It’s obvious that this lad has lots of valuable things on him . Of course we should kill him and take his things! Once a prey is in our hands, we never let it leave alive, isn’t that right?”

The Nascent Soul cultivator glanced somberly at the man who spoke and screamed: “Shut up!”

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The strong man was shocked at being shouted at . He lowered his head and took a step back . Although he was not angry, after he stepped back, he looked up and stared at the young man in red with loath .

Feng Jiu glanced at them and asked: “Did you catch that eagle?” Were these people in the same group as those people? Together there are nearly eighty of them, it wasn’t an exceptionally large group .

Moreover, from what she could see, in addition to the Nascent Soul cultivator in front of her, there were at least seven Golden Core cultivators as well . It was probably the same with the other group . Such a team with such strong physical strength was no doubt unbeatable in the outer circle .

“Yes, they are our people . ” The Nascent Soul cultivator replied . He looked at Feng Jiu casually and said: “As long as you hand over the eagle’s egg, you have my word that you can leave safely and we won’t take any of your belongings . ”

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The calmer the young man in front of him was, the more he felt that something was not right . If it weren’t for the eagle’s egg, he wouldn’t waste his time here against someone he couldn’t quite figure out . It was a taboo .

Feng Jiu looked at the Nascent Soul cultivator and she could kind of figure out what he was thinking about . He probably wasn’t able to tell what her cultivation strength was, with seeing her remaining calm and showing no fear or panic, he didn’t want to go against her!

In any situation, especially for Nascent Soul cultivators, if they couldn’t tell what cultivation strength the other party was at, it was considered unwise to make a move against them .

But what should she do? Should she take on so many people at one time? Even if she could, she would be exhausted! In that case, why not… .

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She squinted slightly and smiled: “You want the eagle’s egg? That’s fine . Besides, I only took it for fun . But… . . ”

Upon hearing the young man’s arrogance, the Nascent Soul cultivator was shocked . He asked warily: “But what?”

“But you should know that I’m tired out after being chased by that eagle for stealing its egg . It wouldn’t be fair if I handed the egg over in vain would it?” She smiled as she spoke, staring at them .

The Nascent Soul cultivator was about to ask what she wanted when he heard a rustling noise… . .

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