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Published at 1st of June 2020 04:55:08 AM
Chapter 1139: 1139
Chapter 1139: If You’re Wise You’d Hand Over The Egg

Feng Jiu had planned to lure the eagle away and then go to look for Ning Lang .

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When the eagle saw the human in red clothes skimming through the forest down below, it got angry . Its strength was flying and its combat power was in the sky . It had to keep chasing after this human that was hiding within the forest evading battle with it .

“Swish! Swish swish swish!”

“Boom boom boom!”

The sound of strong airflow reverberated through the forest . As the sharp wind blades cut through the trees and they fell onto the ground causing loud banging noises . The coercion of the Spirit Beast and the swift and fierce killing intent scared the fierce beasts in the forest and they scattered away in all directions .

In the forest, when some cultivators noticed the movements, their eyes lit up .

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“It’s the coercion of the Spirit Beast! There’s actually a Spirit Beast in the outer circle?”

“Quick! Let’s go and take a look and see what kind of beast it is! If it has a strong combat power, we can join forces and subdue it!”

The cultivators chased after the sounds instead of avoiding it . For some people, danger is overrated and they only wanted what was best for them .

After a few hundred metres, they saw the eagle in the sky through the trees and couldn’t help but be shocked: “It’s an eagle with combative powers! It’s only of junior level and shouldn’t be difficult to deal with . With our strength, we should be able to subdue it!”

“But the eagle seems to be chasing something and it’s talking about an egg?”

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“Egg? Did someone steal its egg? Eggs laid by a Spirit Beast are of extraordinary value!”

When they thought of this, the cultivators got excited and quickly split up into two groups: “A Nascent Soul cultivator will lead each group, one group will chase down the person who stole the egg, and the other group will come with me to catch the eagle!”

The seventy odd people split up into two groups quickly with each group being led by a Nascent Soul cultivator . At the front, Feng Jiu was still skimming through the forest when she realised that something was amiss behind her and she turned around to take a look .

She saw dozens of cultivators with swords in their hands and they were holding on to something else she couldn’t make out . They shot out a large silver net over the eagle and dragged it down from the air .


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There was a loud bang that shook the ground violently .

She treaded lightly as she looked at the place where the trees had fallen . There was dust everywhere accompanied by a loud blood-curdling scream . When she heard the screams she couldn’t take the steps she had wanted to .

It stood to reason that she should make use of this opportunity to run away and meet up with Ning Lang and the others . But when she heard the screams behind her, she couldn’t help but hesitated .

No matter what, the eagle didn’t hurt her in any way . Although the egg was not laid by the eagle, they did take the egg from it . If it was because of this the eagle was caught by those people, then… .

When she thought of this, she stepped towards the sounds . However, she hadn’t gotten very far when a group of people came forwards and surrounded her .

“Boy, did you steal an egg?” A strong man with a scar on his face raised his chin and asked her .

“If you’re wise you will hand it over quickly . Otherwise, hmph hmph!” Another person shouted coldly and stared at Feng Jiu with ill intentions .

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