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Published at 31st of May 2020 04:50:06 AM
Chapter 1138: 1138
Chapter 1138: Give Me Back My Egg

“They’re carnivorous . ” Feng Jiu said cooly and glanced at him, adding: “Especially the likes of you, fat and juicy . ”

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“Huh? Don’t scare me . ” He held the egg in his arms and stared vigilantly at the long-legged birds . He drew his sword out with the intention of slashing the birds when they approached .

However, at this moment, a loud angry roar encompassing the power of a Spirit Beast came from behind them . The pressure from the angry roar swayed like ripples of water and surprised the long-legged birds that were flying towards Feng Jiu and Ning Lang . They shrieked and flew away quickly .

“Human! You dare steal my child! You are looking for death!”

The loud angry voice trembled in their ears . Feng Jiu looked back and saw the eagle flying at fast speed towards them . She brought Ning Lang into the forest from mid-air with her and used the forest’s lush foliage to block off the eagle’s attack against them .

“It’s here! It’s here!”

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Ning Lang exclaimed and hid the egg in his arms, protecting it . Almost in an instant, he was brought into the forest by Feng Jiu and pushed into the trees .

“Go!” She shouted, her hand pushed him forwards and sent him ten metres ahead so that he had a head start . He wouldn’t be unable to withstand the coercion of the Spirit Beast, nor would he be able to block it .

Ning Lang looked back and shouted: “What will you do if I leave? Can you manage alone? Or, shall I stay and help you?” He was just about to run back to help .

“That eagle is a Spirit Beast, you can’t stop its coercion and spirit intent . If you stay, I will have to look after you . Just run ahead and meet up with Duan Ye and the rest . They shouldn’t be far behind . ”

Ning Lang hesitated for a bit when he heard Feng Jiu’s words but when he saw the eagle swoop down into the forest exuding a terrifying breath, he quickly condensed his spiritual power and ran at a speed of lightning through the forest . The flying clouds under his feet came to good use at this point in time . Even if some fierce beasts tried to get close to him, he was long gone before they had even gotten near enough .

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In the woods, Feng Jiu looked back and saw that Ning Lang had run far away and felt relieved . This wasn’t the inner circle, so in comparison, the danger was much lower . This lad was so sensitive to danger that she felt a bit uneasy about him running through the forest alone .

She looked forward when she heard the sound and saw the eagle’s wings swooping down with a huge force . A fierce and terrifying struck out from the eagle’s head and crashed into the forest below .

At that point, the eagle’s wings opened up and cut through the trees like a sharp blade or scissors revealing the figure in red hidden within the trees .

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However, when the eagle’s sharp and frantic eyes saw that the chubby boy holding the egg was not beside Feng Jiu, its murderous intention surged as it flew down: “Human! Give me back my baby!”

Feng Jiu jumped aside and avoided the blow: “Your baby? You’re a male eagle, can you lay an egg? Even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to lay such a strange egg like that . The pattern on the egg is filled with the coercion of a Spirit Beast . It’s definitely not your egg . Where did you steal it from?”

“Give me back my egg!”

The eagle roared angrily, its wings sharp as blades flapped out and its claws opened up as it charged down towards Feng Jiu, making a few wind marks .

Feng Jiu avoided the attack and saw the wind marks had left the ground with deep marks . He quickly retreated to one side .

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