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Chapter 1094: 1094

Chapter 1094: Snake Nest

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“This is a spiritual fruit?” Her eyes lit up as she stared at it . No wonder there were so many poisonous snakes guarding the fruit which resembled the shape of a bottle, because it was a spiritual fruit! But what kind of spiritual fruit was this? Why had she never seen it before?

Feeling uncertain, she was about to step forward to take a closer look when she heard loud hissing noises . Several poisonous snakes sprang out . With a wave of her hand, a sharp wind blade struck two of the snakes .

The fierce wind blade was as sharp as a knife . She thought that the wind blade would cut the snakes into several pieces like before . However, when the wind blade struck the snakes, there was a loud clang . The two snakes were only knocked over by the wind blade and fell to the ground, there were no visible wounds on the snakes . They got back up and slithered over towards her again quickly .

Upon seeing this, she was slightly surprised and retreated quickly . She felt very strange, how could her wind blade not kill the poisonous snakes? Moreover, there was a ‘clang’ that sounded like metal when it struck the poisonous snakes .

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While she retreated, she sized up the poisonous snakes and saw that the snakes that were attacking her were a small snake and a medium snake . Some of the larger poisonous snakes were curled up under the tree . Amongst them was a much larger snake, it was most likely the Snake King . It was as thick as a man’s arm and about three metres long . At this time, the snake was staring at her with its red eyes, flicking its tongue .

“Are you threatening me?”

She raised her eyebrows, planning her move, as she watched the Snake King screech at her, its tongue flicking, staring at her fiercely with its red bloodthirsty snake eyes .

These snakes probably belong to gold attributes and therefore cannot be killed by swords . What about realgar, what snakes feared most? She retrieved a bottle of realgar from her space, unscrewed the lid and threw it at the snakes .

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However, when the realgar landed on the snakes, she couldn’t help but blink involuntarily when she saw that it had no effect on them at all . The snakes were still nested under the tree and didn’t slither away, as if they didn’t smell the realgar at all .

Upon seeing this, she touched her chin and her eyes moved slightly . Realgar was useless? How could it be useless? Normally, any kind of poisonous snake wouldn’t be able to withstand the smell of realgar . Realgar was the natural nemesis of snakes . The situation at hand had her worried .

Her eyes shifted and landed on the tree . The snakes were unharmed by swords and not afraid of realgar, but what about the fruit on the strange spiritual tree?

It seemed that she needed to understand what kind of tree this was, and why the snakes were so reluctant to leave the tree . Since neither realgar nor sword could hurt the snakes, what about… . . Poison?

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With this idea in her head, she jumped up and moved to an area further away from the tree . She set up barrier enchantments around her to prevent the snakes from coming in and then retrieved the pill furnace from space and picked out several herbal medicines . She began working and mixed together about twenty or so herbal medicines and elixir medicines, then finally, she was ready to ignite the pill furnace .

Flames screamed under the pill furnace, until when the right temperature was reached, she put the prepared mixture into it . After about an hour, the twenty or so medicines were combined within the pill furnace and the smell of the medicines permeated the air . She couldn’t help but start to wonder .

The snakes became unusual because of the unknown spiritual fruit tree, once her pot of medicine was ready, would it have the desired effect she wanted to achieve?

When she thought of this, her eyes twitched and she retrieved three more medicines from space and added it to the pill furnace .

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