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Published at 10th of May 2020 05:05:06 AM
Chapter 1093: 1093

Chapter 1093: Strange Fruit In The Forest

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Ning Lang nodded: “I also think that it’s better to work in pairs, at least we will have back up this way . If each person kills their own beast, there won’t be any conflict about whose beast crystals belong to whom . On the contrary, if we do encounter any danger, it can be dealt with better if there are two people together . ”

Duan Ye nodded as well: “Alright, then let’s split into the pairs that Feng Jiu had decided on initially! I will pair up with Luo Fei, and the both of you will be on the same team . ”

Luo Fei shrugged his shoulders: “Okay! I’m fine either way . ”

“Since Feng Jiu has already gone out, let’s not wait till tomorrow, let’s go!”

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Ning Lang gestured as he intended to go out of the enchantment circle into the forest . All this while they had been training their physical strength, but it was time to train their combat skills as well .

“Okay, let’s go!”

They then walked out of the enchantment circle together . Cloud Devouring Beast saw this and after a moment’s pondering, it decided to follow them, taking up the responsibility of being their bodyguard .

After leaving the enchantment circle, Feng Jiu took out the map and had a look . One of the areas on the map was marked out as a dangerous area, the level of danger was much higher than the place they were in at the moment . It was an area where fierce beasts often gathered . In addition to that, that area also had many precious elixir herbs .

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Therefore, after she put away the map, she started walking towards that area . With her strength, she was confident that she would be able to walk in that place freely .

It took about two hours to walk to that area . Along the way, she saw poisonous snakes from time to time, and those snakes tried to stop her from moving forwards . She couldn’t help but felt surprised .

She felt the snakes trying to stop her and she became more curious . She kept pushing her way forwards until she passed through a mist . In the mist, she heard hissing sounds . Her eyebrows raised as she became more aware, her eyes landing on an oddly shaped wild fruit tree not far away in front of her . A look of surprise crossed her eyes .

That tree was about four to five metres tall . What surprised her was that the tree didn’t grow from the ground but looked like it was inserted into a vase . That was because the tree’s trunk was shaped like a vase . The tree was in full bloom, and that was already a strange sight in itself .

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Moreover, there weren’t any wild fruit trees in this area, there was just this tree . The tree’s shape was weird and there was a mist all around it, like it was trying to conceal the tree .

Because of the mist and the remoteness of this area, if it weren’t because she realised the snakes were trying to stop her from approaching, she wouldn’t have continued walking forwards out of curiosity and found such a strange tree .

What surprised her even more was that under the tree were a nest of colourful poisonous snakes . There were at least a few hundred snakes of different sizes . At this time, some of the snakes moved their heads upwards and made hissing noises . Some other snakes had noticed her presence and were slithering towards her .

She was surprised when she saw this . She looked over at the fruit tree again and saw a few fist sized green coloured fruits dangling from the branches between the lush leaves . They were quite eye-catching .

Because she was still some distance away from the tree, she was only able to make out the size of the fist sized fruits . She could vaguely see that they were different from ordinary fruits and there was a faint layer of spiritual energy wrapped around it .

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