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Chapter 1091: 1091

Chapter 1091: Keep An Eye On Them

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When they got outside, they saw that Feng Jiu was already waiting for them . Therefore, they carried their big rocks and walked forwards: “Feng Jiu, are the rocks we brought back alright?”

Each person carried a big rock in their arms, weighing about fifty kilograms or so .

Feng Jiu glanced at them and nodded: “Yes, get started! Put your rock on your back and start doing squats in the shape of a half moon around here and then a half moon over there . ”

After she had instructed them, she looked at Cloud Devouring Beast and said: “Keep and eye on them . If they didn’t complete the task or are being lazy, bite them hard . Don’t kill them though, if they’re dead that’s it, at least if they’re injured they can be treated . ”

“Oh . ” Cloud Devouring Beast replied, and it squatted down on the grass watching them with a grin,

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After they heard what Feng Jiu said, other than Luo Fei who didn’t know that Cloud Devouring Beast was a spirit beast, everyone else’s scalp had a tingling feeling…

In the following month, Feng Jiu left the four of them under Cloud Devouring Beast’s watchful eyes . She set up an enchantment outside the entrance of the cave dwelling and stayed inside refining pills .

From that first day onwards, they could hear rumbling sounds coming from the cave dwelling, and sometimes there was thunder in the sky . At first, Luo Fei didn’t know about Feng Jiu’s identity as the Ghost Doctor, he had only found out later on after asking Duan Ye and the rest of them .

Although he was a wealthy person in the academy and had people reporting news to him, however, he only knew about Feng Jiu coming from a Six Star Academy . He didn’t know that he had such an amazing identity .

No wonder, it was no wonder that Duan Ye and the other two would follow him so willingly . To spend one year by the Ghost Doctor’s side, that was an opportunity that one could only wish for .

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They carried the big rocks on their backs and did squats in a half moon shape around the area . Initially, they lasted nearly four hours before they ran out of energy and had a hard time breathing . But Cloud Devouring Beast was harsh, it only listened to Feng Jiu’s instructions and hence bared its sharp teeth at them . They were frightened and gritted their teeth continuing with the squats instead of taking a rest .

After half a month, their physical strength had improved . Not only were they able to do squats all morning with the big rocks on their backs without taking a break, they had also started running . Hence over the next half a month, they ran with the big rocks on their backs .

In here, they seemed to be cut off from the world outside, perhaps it was because of Feng Jiu’s enchantments and formations . People and beasts from the outside hadn’t ventured in here once . The peacefulness here also made them forget about the fact that they were in Hell Mountains…

The one month deadline had passed, and today, Feng Jiu who had not come out of the cave dwelling for a month had finally stepped out . She was still in her dazzling red robes, it was clean as always, undamaged and unsoiled . It made one wonder, was she really practising alchemy in there all this time?

She looked like she was resting in the cave dwelling the past month . She didn’t look tired or haggard, but instead looked radiant like always and her sharp eyes were full of fierceness .

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Although they were curious, they were afraid to ask as they were in awe of her imposing teacher’s manner and had a trace of fear in their hearts . Of course they didn’t dare ask her any questions about her own business .

Upon seeing Feng Jiu step out, Cloud Devouring Beast went to her side happily and squatted next to her . He looked well-behaved and cute . You couldn’t see the brutality it possessed when it chased after them with its sharp teeth baring . They watched with their eyes wide .

Feng Jiu glanced over at them, her eyes flicked over them before she finally spoke……

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