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Chapter 1090: 1090
Chapter 1090: Different

Their physical strength was not bad . However, it probably wasn’t up to standard in her eyes? Forget it, he should probably not say anything else as he didn’t want to make her angry .

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Seriously, when she was angry, even if she didn’t scold or beat people up, but her somber face with pursed lips and cold eyes made people tremble in fear when they saw it . It was really scary .

Luo Fei glanced at Ning Lang then asked Feng Jiu with a pleasing smile: “Then what happens after a month? What are we going to do after a month?”

“After you’ve completed this task I’ve given you then I will tell you . ” She glanced at them and instructed: “All of you need to find a big rock that weighs no less than fifty kilograms . You will place it on your backs and do squats around the cave everyday . I will tell Cloud Devouring Beast keep an eye on you . If anyone is lazy… . . ”

She paused, her lips curved upwards slightly: “I think it’s best that you don’t be lazy, otherwise my punishment will make your heart jump in shock . ”

Upon hearing this, their backs had a feeling of chill pass through them . They felt that once they came inside and Feng Jiu told them they had to train, it was as if Feng Jiu was a completely different person .

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Along the way she was talking and joking with them like a friend . At this moment, she showed the majestic authority and power of a teacher and made it known to them that if they went against her instructions, the punishment meted out would shock them .

Just listening to her telling them this, their hearts were flustered and felt uneasy . Of course they wouldn’t dare disobey her .

After she had given them further instructions, she chased them out of the cave dwelling . This was because only one person was able to live in the cave dwelling . They had to figure out how they were going to live outside the cave dwelling .

“Tell you what! Let’s build a wooden hut out here . It would be more convenient if we lived together anyway . It will also be faster if we work together . ” Luo Fei suggested, his eyes filled with excitement .

“Yes, besides we aren’t going to be here just for a few days . We will most probably be staying here for at least a few months . It’s probably better not to use the tents but rather work together to build a wooden hut instead! But it must be at least fifty metres away from Feng Jiu . ”

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Upon hearing this, their eyes fell on Duan Ye: “Why does it have to be at least fifty metres away from Feng Jiu?”

“Didn’t he say earlier? He wants to refine pills! Let’s build the wooden hut at the upper ground! We will go and chop some wood and gather some grass first and build the wooden hut before it gets dark . ”

“Okay . ”

They responded and divided their work as they worked together . Some distance above Feng Jiu’s cave dwelling, they started knocking piling into the ground and building the wooden hut . By the time the simple wooden hut was built, they were exhausted .

They looked at their achievement, although it was simple and ugly, but they were very happy because at least it was habitable .

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“Let’s go and find the big rocks! Feng Jiu said that it had to be at least fifty kilograms . I had a look earlier and there are some over there . ” Duan Ye said and pointed to a place not far up ahead . It was at the foot of the mountain . When he had a look earlier, there were loads of rocks .

“Let’s go!”

They went over together and each of them carried a big rock back to the wooden hut . When they thought about the enchantments and formations that surround this area, they were able to fall asleep at ease .

When the first ray of light hit the wooden hut the next morning, the four of them washed up quickly and went out……

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