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Published at 25th of April 2020 05:05:06 AM
Chapter 1065: 1065

Chapter 1065: Are they playing house?

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Feng Jiu and her friends nodded . They watched him walking back to his mercenary team . They turned their eyes and saw that same group of fierce cultivators were still staring at them . Feng Jiu’s lips curved up and moved her sight away from them .

“Do you have any ideas?” Feng Jiu turned around and looked at Duan Ye and others .

Luo Fei took a deep breath and answered Feng Jiu, “Just now, I observed that a stream of air came up from the bottom of the abyss every now and then . If we lift our vital energy to cross, we’ll get sucked down by the airflow . If that doesn’t happen, we will still fall down due to our internal energy breath having been disturbed by the airflow, making us unstable . We’d better attach a rope at the two ends of the cliff . Passing the abyss on a rope should be the best way . ”

“So, how does this rope reach the mountain a hundred meters away?” Ning Lang scratched his head .

“I can do that . ” Song Ming grinned at them . “We can tie a spike on the rope, shoot the rope with arrows and nail it to the other side of the mountain . ”

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“It’s risky . ”

Duan Ye asserted and turned toward them . “This may work . But, I don’t think those who are staring at us will let us pass through safely . It is especially likely that when we walk on that rope, the other side will make us fall down the great abyss with a secret and harmful move . ”

“Yes, yes, those villains were capable of doing that . ” Ning Lang nodded in response, feeling this scenario very likely .

“You go first, I will follow behind . ” Feng Jiu said with a smile . “This way, you have nothing to worry about . ”


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“That will do! But, before that, we can’t let others take advantage of us . ” Her eyes flickered, looking radiant . “Go and get some branches and dry leaves . Pick some stones as well . ”

“What do you want to do?” Duan Ye was confused .

“You will know later . ” Her lips curved up and didn’t elaborate more .

“Alright . ” They nodded . As they were about to walk away, they saw that the mercenary team there seemed to be moving .

Over there, thirty or forty mercenaries surrounded the cliff and seemed to be doing something . There was a grey-haired old man in grey clothes in the middle . His strength was at the Nascent Soul level . This fact made Feng Jiu surprised .

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Someone at the Nascent Soul level still looked for others’ protection? Moreover, although the mercenary team’s strength was generally not low, it only had one Nascent Soul early-stage cultivator besides several Golden Core cultivators . The Nascent Soul mercenary should have been the leader of the mercenary team .

Although the mercenary team was not weak, the old man having the Nascent Soul cultivation wasn’t weak either! Still, to her surprise, he had to journey together with the mercenary team?

“Go! Don’t delay . ” Feng Jiu told the others .

“Alright . ” They answered, going about their business without paying any more attention to the situation .

Not long afterwards, Duan Ye and others brought back all the things that Feng Jiu requested and laid them out at the edge of the cliff . When others saw them bringing leaves and stones, they couldn’t help laughing .

“These boys aren’t thinking of a children’s game of playing house here, do they? Look, even the leaves and stones are here . ” That group of fierce cultivators sneered and stared at Feng Jiu and her friends .

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