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Published at 24th of April 2020 04:55:05 AM
Chapter 1064: 1064

Chapter 1064: Figuring out a solution to cross over

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Feng Jiu nodded . “Mm, we want to go to Hell Mountains . ”

“You’re going to cross over? Hey, it’s not easy to go to this place . ” The Golden Core mercenary grinned and pointed to the cliff one hundred meters ahead . “Once you fall down, it’s impossible to survive . Moreover, this place is strange . We can’t use any flying tools or swords . Very few people were able to lift their vital energy and leap over this hundred-meter precipice . ”

“Mm, that’s why I’m trying to figure out a solution . ” She smiled, her eyes on the abyss . Since this was the only path, there must have been a way to pass through .

Seeing this, the Golden Core mercenary smiled and said a few words to the Foundation Building mercenary at his side . The Foundation Building mercenary returned first while the Golden Core mercenary approached Feng Jiu and her party .

“I wonder why you want to go there . Are you not afraid of death?”

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He looked at several of them curiously . These youngsters were well-dressed and had a remarkable bearing . He knew at a glance that they must have been children of influential and noble families . But, he didn’t expect that they were not afraid of death, saying that they were going to Hell Mountains .

“Because there’s money in it, of course!”

Ning Lang smiled with his eyes squinted . With a brisk and eager tone, he told the man, “I’ve heard long ago that all the spirit herbs in there are age-old . There are also many types of beast crystals . Those are all money . ”

Shock flashed in the crowd’s eyes when they heard this . Money? These teenagers came here for money? That’s not worth it .

However, some of them looked at Feng Jiu’s party, thinking there was a possibility that they were here not just for the money . The youngsters were remarkably dressed, how could they lack money?

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Some of them came here to look for spirit herbs, some wanted to look for treasures, and some others wanted to find opportunities . There were those who wanted to cultivate, while some others wanted to meet people from the Eight Supreme Empires . Of course, there were also some others who wanted to get in to rob other people’s treasures . However, nobody went there simply for the money .

The Golden Core mercenary shook his head and couldn’t help laughing . “Then I have to advise you not to go in . This is really the place of death . ”

“Have you gone in before?” Ning Lang inquired .

Upon hearing this, the others’ gazes also fell on the mercenary . For most of them, it was their first time coming to this place . They had never gone inside before . Otherwise, this place wouldn’t have put obstacles to them, making those who wanted to pass through unable to do so .

“Yes, I’ve been here once . Otherwise, our employer won’t pick our mercenary team this time, right?”

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“Then, do you know how to get there?”

The Golden Core mercenary smiled but spoke no more . Other people’s eyes flickered . If he knew how to cross over, they could learn from his example as long as they waited until he crossed the hundred-meter cliff .

At this, their restless hearts gradually calmed down . Although Hell Mountains was replete with disasters, its attractions were also great . Even if they knew there was danger involved and there was a possibility of losing their lives, they also hope to advance and temper themselves .

After conversing for a while, the mercenary who went back earlier came with the team behind him . Seeing their mercenary team coming, the Golden Core cultivator told Feng Jiu and others, “Alright, I have to go back . Take care of yourself!”

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