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Published at 10th of April 2020 04:55:06 AM
Chapter 1034: 1034
Chapter 1034: Fear

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Ning Lang looked back and cursed out . “I’m a fool if I don’t run away . Do you think we’re like you?! Come after me if you have guts, damn old witch! If you catch this young master, I’ll consider you having some skill!”

The golden boots on his feet displayed their power . He ran as fast as a shadow and as swift as the wind . The evil Nascent Soul cultivator couldn’t catch up with him, but she was unwilling to let them go . Thus, she was chasing after him with gritted teeth, especially when the little fatty turned around and scolded her from time to time . However, she still couldn’t catch that abdominal kid, which made her angry to the point of nearly spitting blood .

“Damn little fatty! Don’t let me catch you! Otherwise, I will peel your skin while you are alive!”

The evil Nascent Soul cultivator was driven mad with anger . She chased after him with all her strength . What was most hateful is that the person in front was provoking her, but she just couldn’t catch up with him .

The other evil Nascent Soul cultivator was entangled with the Cloud Devouring Beast . One human was fighting against one beast . The roar of the Cloud Devouring Beast and the airflow attack by its counterpart could be heard from time to time, making the ground rumble and quake .

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But at this moment, a mournful voice filled with indignation came from halfway up the mountainside . The piercing cry caught everyone’s attention .

“Feng Jiu!”

“Who! The! Hell! Are! You?!”

The Nascent Soul mid-stage cultivator’s dantian was pierced through by Feng Jiu’s Qingfeng Sword . The sword penetrated the dantian from the front to the back and blood flowed down the blade . The evil Nascent Soul mid-stage cultivator held the sword in both hands and as she could only watch helplessly as her blood flowed down . Her eyes were fixed on the young man in red in front of her as if she would never stop asking who he was .

The young man’s red clothes fluttered in the sky, the jet black hair flew in dishevelled fashion sweeping the cold and handsome face .

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The Qingfeng sword in her hand, at this moment, penetrated deep into the female cultivator’s body and shattered her Nascent Soul into smithereens with its sharp cold green blade . As long as she pulled out the Qingfeng sword, the blood would gush out, rendering the evil cultivator death by the massive loss of blood due to her destroyed arteries .

Therefore, the evil cultivator’s two hands were grasping the blade tightly and her attractive and charming eyes were staring at Feng Jiu unwaveringly for the sake of understanding her death .

“I am indeed Feng Jiu . ”

The clear and unhurried voice rang out, carrying some chill with it . The voice was so calm, but it contained the domineering spirit of a powerful cultivator that made people’s hearts shaken .

As soon as Feng Jiu uttered those words, she pulled the Qingfeng sword out . Instantly, blood splashed out and the evil cultivator fell down from the air like a rag doll . She swallowed her last breath while looking at the young man in red who was still standing midair without ever closing those eyes again .

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Her body landed heavily with a loud crash . The Nascent Soul cultivator’s corpse fell on the mountainside and rolled down continuously until it was smashed against a boulder . At this time, she was no longer charming and enchanting, because all that remained was a badly mangled body…


A loud gasp was heard from the foot of the mountain . After seeing this scene, the two Nascent Soul evil cultivators were shocked . They looked at the red figure in disbelief . They couldn’t believe that a handsome young man with the cultivation of a Golden Core managed to kill a Nascent Soul…

At this moment, their fear grew and the idea to escape sprouted in their hearts . Because of the uncanny fear and horror that they felt tingling throughout their body, there was only one thought in their mind .


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