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Published at 10th of April 2020 04:55:06 AM
Chapter 1033: 1033
Chapter 1033: If you have the guts, don’t run away

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When they were caught and brought here, they did not see the Cloud Devouring Beast . They thought it had been left behind in the woods . Unexpectedly, it had not only come to look for them but it also rescued them . It was truly a surprise .

“Divine Beast!”

The Nascent Soul old witch narrowed her eyes as a glint flashed by her eyes . She stared at the majestic Cloud Devouring Beast in front of her . “This shouldn’t be the divine beast of the two of you, right? Is it Feng Jiu’s? ”

A mere young man, but possessing the Qingfeng Sword and a contracted ancient divine beast . There was actually another divine beast? Who was this boy named Feng Jiu? With the strength of a few men, they easily destroyed the Silk Tree Sect that they had established with difficulty . He really had the skill!


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All of a sudden, Ning Lang exclaimed . “I am so stupid! I was so preoccupied with the escape, forgetting that I have a treasure for escaping!” As he spoke, he rummaged in his space, took out a pair of golden boots and put them on .

Duan Ye took a look at it with some surprise . “Aren’t these the Cloud Chasing boots? You actually have them? ”

This was a good treasure! A pair of Cloud Chasing boots was a magic weapon for escaping . Its running speed surpassed Nascent Soul cultivators . He had heard that Cloud Chasing boots appeared in an auction before, but they were sold at a high price . Unexpectedly, they were in Little Fatty’s hands .

Ning Lang raised his chin proudly . “Why didn’t you think about what kind of person I am? I’m the young master of Tranquil City . Don’t think that only you guys have contract beasts, magic swords and other things . I also have some treasures . If I take them out casually, it can scare you to death . ”

Duan Ye’s lip corners twitched . He didn’t bother to answer him .

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The evil Nascent Soul cultivator’s expression turned gloomy . Her hands were tightly clenched into fists and her whole body was bursting with anger . These youngsters truly made them astounded . They thought Feng Jiu was the most unusual among them . But they didn’t expect that this little fatty could take out such a life-saving treasure casually .

At this moment, she really regretted it . Because she was over-confident, she didn’t get the disciples to search their bodies and collect all their treasures .

In the end, the women finally knew that these youngsters’ cosmos sacks which had been taken from them were not their real stuff at all . The things inside were things they didn’t fear being taken away . The really good things were concealed at their bodies! .

“Cloud Devouring Beast, I’ll leave the old witch to you . Fight her if you can, and run away if you can’t . ”

Duan Ye shouted at Cloud Devouring Beast . Seeing that the Nascent Soul old witch over there couldn’t catch up with his Flame Lion and turned toward them, he quickly pulled Ning Lang’s hand while shouting, “What are you standing there in a daze for? Run! The old witch over there is coming!”

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“Huh? What? Where?”

Ning Lang was startled . He looked around in a hurry . Sure enough, that Nascent Soul old witch came approaching them in spitting anger . With a scream of fright, he pulled Duan Ye and ran away .

“What evil cultivators . They’re all shameless . Two old fools with their combined age that goes over 200 years still team together to bully us young and tender kids . Too shameless!”

Hearing Ning Lang’s aggrieved and indignant words, Duan Ye spoke with some annoyance . “Stop babbling, run! After Feng Jiu killed the Nascent Soul mid-level old witch, these two are not far from death . ”

The evil Nascent Soul cultivator chased them while raining curses on them . “If you have the guts, don’t run away!”

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