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Published at 7th of April 2020 05:00:06 AM
Chapter 1030: 1030

Chapter 1030: The hand grasping the Qingfeng Sword

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Down below, Duan Ye and Ning Lang who accidentally looked up were also in shock . Their eyes unconsciously dodged from the sword’s cold green glint .

The Qingfeng sword!

It was indeed the Qingfeng sword! Surprisingly, Feng Jiu held the Qingfeng sword in her hand . After all, how many things did they not know about this person?

At that moment, when they thought that they already knew her very well, she suddenly revealed another side that they could have never imagined before . It made them think that whatever they had learned about her before was only the tip of the iceberg .

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“Feng Jiu! Who the hell are you!”

Three figures arrived in front of Feng Jiu . They waved those disciples who rushed up at them to retreat, then looked at the youth who now showed her identity as a Golden Core mid-stage cultivator . Their eyes were grim .

This youth’s bone age was only seventeen years old, yet already a Golden Core mid-stage cultivator . It’s a strength that defied Nature . Even some influential clans wouldn’t be able to nurture such a monster . Especially, when she’s holding the Qingfeng sword in her hand, the fierce and powerful aura on her body was fully manifested . Her intimidating and majestic presence made them even more apprehensive .

She was definitely not an ordinary two-star academy student!

The Qingfeng sword in Feng Jiu’s hand pivoted and a cold green glint made a half-curve slash at the three women’s feet . She smiled at those women . “Now, you want to ask my identity? Don’t you think it’s too late? ”

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“Feng Jiu, you are just a Golden Core mid-stage cultivator . Do you think you can be our opponent, the powerful Nascent Souls?” One of the women snorted coldly . A wave of Nascent Soul’s pressure followed and attacked Feng Jiu .

However, the three women turned unsightly when they saw Feng Jiu’s expression didn’t change in the face of their Nascent Soul’s pressure . It truly made them not only shocked but also frightened .

Wasn’t her cultivation only at the Golden Core mid-stage? Was she still hiding her cultivation rank? Well, didn’t she also lower her cultivation before, so that they mistakenly took her as a Foundation Building cultivator?

But, a Nascent Soul cultivator in her teens? Was this even possible?

“I prefer to let my strength do the talking . ” After saying this, her Qingfeng sword flashed and the red figure swept towards a Nascent Soul in front .

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Her speed was extremely fast, exceeding that of a Golden Core cultivator . Killing intent filled her body and a mighty pressure came out . It’s the pressure that she had always restrained, the one with the breath of the ancient divine beast . It was domineering and exceedingly powerful .

When they sensed this pressure coming directly at them, they were greatly surprised with shock reflected in their eyes .

It’s the power of ancient divine beasts!

There was no mistake . The breath contained in the pressure agitated them to their core . Consequently, their speed to dodge the strike earlier slowed down . When the cold green glint was in front of their eyes and the aura of death pressed against their eyebrows, the three women were violently shaken . They bit the tip of their tongue until it drew blood so as to stabilize their mind, then quickly dodged away .


The sharp sword whipped past furiously . Even though that Nascent Soul cultivator avoided the fatal blow, her cheek was still wounded by the fierce blade . A droplet of blood oozed out and slid down her cheek .

The other two Nascent Soul cultivators were shocked at this scene . It’s hard to believe that Feng Jiu could hurt a powerful Nascent Soul with a sword . At first, they still looked down at her, thinking that she couldn’t be their opponent . But now, this attack with speed no inferior to theirs made them tremble with terror .

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