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Chapter 1007: 1007

After hearing this, Song Ming walked outside . No matter who these three people were, they helped to expose his mother’s murderer . Therefore, they are his benefactors!

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As for the other two brothers, after they received orders from their father, they could only stand at one side obediently gritting their teeth, not daring to say anything . Children born of concubines often aren’t in any position to speak and aren’t taken seriously . They’ve known this for a long time .

Song Ming was a little startled when he saw the three men outside, he couldn’t help but stare at them strangely: “It’s you?” When he was placing bets in the alley the other day, he saw these three men standing in the crowd . He hadn’t expected to see them again, let alone come to the door themselves .

“Yes, it’s us . ”Ning Lang grinned and strode inside: “Song Ming, your house is quite lively?”

Upon hearing this, Song MIng froze . He asked: “Did you give my grandfather the information?”

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“Oh? What information?” Ning Lang looked startled and turned back to look at Feng Jiu: “What information did you give them? What was the purpose?”

Duan Ye also looked at Feng Jiu . Feng Jiu had told them they needn’t interfere and that he would take care of matters . They had come out with him this morning to drink tea at the teahouse . When he said they should go to the Song residence to take a look, they followed him . They truly had no idea what he had done .

“Aren’t you going to invite us in for a cup of tea? Or do you plan to just stand here and chat?” Feng Jiu glanced at Song Ming as she spoke .

Upon hearing that, Song MIng turned his body: “This way please . My Grandfather and the others are inside awaiting your arrival . ”

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Feng Jiu strode in with Duan Ye and Ning Lang by her side .

The people sat in the front hall watched as Song Ming led the three men inside . The young man in charge was dressed in red and had a handsome and free-spirited face, he also had a very noble breath .

Once their eyes landed on the young man dressed in red, they barely looked away . Master Song and Master Liu, as well as the four ancestors looked at the handsome face of the young man dressed in red, dumbfounded . Although they were sitting down, they got up immediately to greet them personally .

“Respectfully, are you… . Master Feng?”

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The ancestors of the Song family looked at him in shock and surprise . Most of the heads of prestigious families have a portrait of the Ghost Doctor, and the young man in front of them right now was exactly like the portrait, and he was dressed all in red . If he wasn’t the Ghost Doctor, who else could he be?

Seeing the Master of the house and ancestor lose their cool, the elders from both families couldn’t help but wonder as their gaze fell onto the young man dressed in red . Other than his handsome appearance and noble air around him, there was nothing astonishing or surprising about him .

However, Master Feng? What Master Feng? Did the Master know this young boy?

Duan Ye and Ning Lang had known about Feng Jiu’s identity as the Ghost Doctor for a while now, and had witnessed quite a few similar incidents along the way . Hence, they stood next to Feng Jiu with indifference . Even the little pet Cloud Devouring who had been overlooked by everyone was sat quietly by Feng Jiu squinting as it looked at everyone in the hall .

“Sorry to show up at your residence without giving you any notice in advance . ”

Feng Jiu bowed, a hand behind her back, as she looked at the majestic looking middle aged man with a protruding abdomen . Her lips turned up slightly as she couldn’t help but think back to the night before when she saw him and Bai Lian together .

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