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Chapter 1006: 1006

When everyone in the front hall heard this, they were all surprised to turn to look at the two of them running in .

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Actually, it wasn’t really harming her . Because Bai Lian did in fact do all those things, someone exposed her wrongdoings that’s all . For the Liu family and Song Ming, they are grateful towards the person who exposed her wrongdoings . Otherwise, Liu family would have continued to believe that their daughter, Song Ming’s mother had died from an illness all those years ago .

Bai Lian had to pay for all the things she had done, and that was to be her life . No matter what anyone said, Liu family would never let someone who murdered their daughter live to see the next sunrise .

However, they were curious who was able to find the evidence that the Liu and Song family weren’t able to? Who had such a great ability?

After receiving the signal from his father, Master Song coughed and asked: “What are you talking about? What do you mean by you know who wants to harm your mother? What the hell is going on?”

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“Father, I told you yesterday that I was beaten up but you were only concerned about first brother’s matters . You didn’t even ask me for details, you only told me not to cause any trouble . ” The third brother looked at his father, sadness in his voice: “So I went to my mother and asked for her help . Mother must have sent someone to teach them a lesson on my behalf . It must be those three men, they must have used some trick . Otherwise, mother wouldn’t have aged overnight and she wouldn’t have been framed for killing First Madam . ”

Upon hearing this, everyone in the hall had different thoughts .

“You mean the incident about you getting beat up outside yesterday?” Master Song’s eyes shifted and looked at his youngest son . Because they were the sons of a concubine, their mother didn’t have any backing . Therefore, he never usually paid much attention to these two sons, unlike his eldest son Song Ming .

“Yes, it must be them, it has to be . ” He emphasized with certainty . After speaking with his elder brother, he was sure that it had something to do with them .

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“Father, on my way back earlier, I saw those three men outside at a small teahouse not far from home . ”

The second brother had spoken in hopes that they could bring the three men back here for questioning so that they could find out whether their mother was being framed .

Everyone’s expression in the front hall changed when they heard the two brothers’ words . After Master Song received the signal from his father, he said to his eldest son: “Ming’er, please go and invite those three men back here . ”

The two brothers couldn’t help but be shocked when they heard that . Why didn’t they send the two of them? Why invite? Why not capture?

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“Yes . ” Song Ming responded . He was about to step outside when he saw the housekeeper rushing forwards to the entrance of the front hall awaiting to report .

“Master, there are Three Young Masters outside here to visit . ”

As soon as the housekeeper reported that, everyone in the front hall were stunned, and even Master Song was a little surprised: “Three Young Masters? Is one of them wearing red, and the three of them all outstanding in appearance?”

“Yes, one of the Three Young Masters’ is wearing red, and the other two are also quite magnificent in demeanor . ” The housekeeper said quickly .

“They dare come here?” The third brother shouted angrily, his heart filled with hatred . It was because of them their mother had become like this . Under such circumstances, they still dared to come here!

Everyone in the hall was surprised and a little curious, but didn’t say anything . They heard Master Song say to Song Ming: “Ming’er, please go and invite them in . ”

In a calm voice and somber expression, he said to his two other sons: “You two stand at the side and don’t be impudent . ”

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