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Chapter 1005: 1005

The two brothers stared at Song Ming with resentment as they held up their Mother whose hands and feet were severed . Anger rushed through their hearts . The third brother couldn’t help it and charged towards Song Ming with a sword .

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“I will kill you for hurting my Mother!”

However, before he even got near Song Ming, he was dragged away by Ancestor Liu who was protecting his grandson . He stared at them coldly and said: “It’s lawless! The son of a concubine dares to raise his sword at the son of the First Wife?”

“Enough!”Ancestor Song shouted: “Take her away! The rest of us will adjourn in the front hall . ” He turned and walked away .

Seeing this, two guards stepped forward and lifted Bai Lian off the floor and took her to the dungeon to await her punishment . The others made their way to the front hall . After everyone walked away, there were just the two brothers left in the courtyard . The second brother asked: “How did this happen? Has Mother offended someone recently?”

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It was obvious that someone was behind what happened today, and that person wanted their Mother dead .

“Elder brother, Mother doesn’t go out often, how would she make enemies? Elder brother, is it true what they said about our Mother murdering First Madam?” He was a little worried as if this were true, then would their Mother survive?

The second brother pondered and said: “Someone wants Mother to die, not just anyone ordinary . I’m afraid Mother has little chance of escaping her fate . ”

“But Mother hasn’t offended anyone . Even when I was beaten up by those people yesterday, Mother told me not to cause any trouble and worry father . How could she make enemies?”

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Upon hearing this, the second brother froze for a moment and then grabbed his shoulder quickly asking: “You sent for me yesterday because you were bullied . You mean to say you went to Mother before you sent for me?”

“Well, I told father first and he told me not to cause trouble so I told Mother . But Mother didn’t help me . ”

The second brother’s mind was deeper than his . After he listened to what the third brother told him, he thought about all the things that had happened today . He guessed that the people his third brother had offended were not ordinary people at all, otherwise, how did all these things happen?

“Let’s go to the front hall . Tell me everything on our way there . ” He pulled him towards the front hall and made him tell him everything that had happened .

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After hearing what his brother said, he was sure that even though their Mother had told the third brother not to cause any trouble, she however had sent someone to teach those three people a lesson in secret . Otherwise, these things wouldn’t have happened today .

However, speaking of these three people, on his way back, he vaguely remembered seeing three people just like third brother described sitting at a teahouse nearby drinking tea……

In the front hall, Ancestor Song and Liu were deep in discussion . Song family had decided that Bai Lian should receive the death sentence as the evidence against her was true and could not be refuted . The facts were there, no one could defend her or save her .

“Okay, as long as she dies, we will not pursue this matter any further . ” Ancestor Liu said in a calm voice and patted Song Ming: “Ming’er, after that viper woman dies, Grandfather will accompany you to visit your Mother’s grave . ”

Song Ming nodded and pursed his lips without speaking . So many years had passed before he found out that his Mother was poisoned to death . If he could have known earlier, maybe his Mother wouldn’t have died when he was five years old .

The two brothers ran in from outside shouting: “Father, Father, we know who wants to harm Mother, we know who wants to harm Mother . ”

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