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Chapter 99

Han Qilu takes off his white uniform jacket, revealing the Stein black collar shirt. She doesn’t know if he intentionally left his tie hang loosely around his neck. His white jacket is slung over his right shoulder.



Despite looking like any other cynical wealthy child, her heart skips a beat.

Han Qilu glares at An Chenchuan as the light shines in his eyes. Sure enough, his face is dark and unsightly.

“Qilu, it was An Chuxia whom I made the appointment with… .” An Chenchuan tries to explain.

However, Qilu cuts him off before he finishes his sentence. He lets out

a dangerous sounding laugh. “Our relationship isn’t that good that you can call me by my given name.”

These words suddenly puts distance between them. Han Qilu is a person who would put insignificant people in place.

“If you want to buy review materials with us, say so. Otherwise, you’re not joining us!”

Qilu seems to want An Chenchuan to misunderstand. He walks into the classroom and stops short in front of An Chuxia’s table. He gently lifts her chin. “See, my dear fiancée, I do talk to others politely.”

An Chuxia blushes at his ambiguous words. He hurriedly releases his grip

grip on her and says, “If you’re ready, let’s go.”

He says the words with a smile but his cold eyes meets An Chenchuan’s. He will begin to regret asking An Chuxia to buy books with him.

Will there be a day he won’t encounter Han Qilu? The answer, of course, is no. He studies the current situation. Han Qilu certainly knows what his intent was with An Chuxia this morning.

But what is HIS intention? Does Han Qilu not want him to be with An Chuxia? But he already made his intent: clear and casual.

His mind comes across countless thoughts. They

thoughts. They cloud his vision one by one, covering his insecurities.

Today, Han Qilu is a perfect gentleman. He takes the initiative to shoulder An Chuxia’s pink lattice backpack, personally picked by Jiang Yuan. The style isn’t befitting of her but Jiang Yuan said she should think like a lady. An Chuxia didn’t want to offend Jiang Yuan’s temper. She said she just wants to make up for the years she didn’t have a daughter to dress up.

If her former classmates witness her transformation, would they faint? She was formerly the school president. Tang Kayi is the current president is rather president is rather severe. But now… she is often bullied and framed. And in order to stay in Stein, she has to endure.

But when will it end?

She blames this guy! An Chuxia walks side by side with An Chenchuan. Han Qilu walks ahead of them and her eyes stare fiercely at Qilu’s back. If her eyes can stab, his back would be riddled with wounds.

“I’ll take your bag. You hold my shirt!” An Chuxia is unable to put into words how much of an idiot Han Qilu is. It’s obvious he carries her bag, but is there a reason for carrying his shirt?

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