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Image courtesy of Tencent Video/ CHAPTER 91 No Relationship Has Occurred (2)

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia's confession made her heart sink to the bottom of her stomach. She was in such a good mood, she decided to stay up late to write letters to her readers.

"Ayi, are you okay?" An Chuxia asks after Jiang Yuan looks lost in expression.

She snaps from her melancholia and smiles. "I'm fine. An Chuxia, why don't you go to sleep? Tomorrow's Friday and you still have class."

An Chuxia realizes it's late and she has to sleep. She greets Jiang Yuan goodnight and leaves the studio. She passes Han Qilu's room and sees his light is still on, but she ignores it and heads back to her room.

It's probably because she is so tired today she looks forward to sleep.

The night passes without her having dreams. She wakes up with thirty minutes left before her alarm clock rings. Her original thought is to lay in bed for a while. But when sleep won't take her, she decides to wash her face and get dressed for school. She takes her stack of books and papers and heads downstairs.

"The lady is awake! The Master and the Lady aren't up yet," Steward Han says from behind the door. She runs toward him until she sees the huge Tibetan mastiff being fed.

She didn't dare come too close to the dog. She stands in front of the hall looking at them.

"Butler, isn't he called Batian?" Indeed, the dog is domineering. In fact, you don't have to take a good look at it to know he has domineering friends. Even his name is domineering. He is really suitable as the Han's pet.

Steward Han wills a large bag of food into the dog's food plate. He smiles at Chuxia. "Yes, and he is four years old. He was bought for the young master when he was still a puppy. We didn't expect him to get this big so soon."

An Chuxia's smile is fake. It isn't a miracle the dog is big. It eats special dog food and it drinks top of the line dog milk.

"Miss Xia, you don't have to worry about him. Batian likes you." Steward Han looks at the dog. "He is very spiritual. He is kind to good people and fierce to bad."

Despite his reassurance, she still doesn't like dogs.

She once read a book called "A Dog's Will". She was touched by the book and was determined to like dogs once that time came. However, at first glance of this dog, she retreats. No matter how she tries to bring herself to like dogs, she can't will it.

"Miss, breakfast is prepared," Mother Chen gently says. This Han server seems to like her. She probably is very selfless and gentle, right?

As she gets to the table, Han Liuhai comes down the stairwell. After seeing a helpless An Chuxia, he says, "I don't know what got your aunt so worked up last night but she has been holding the pillow. She's depressed and she told me to go and eat breakfast without her."

She knows why she's depressed but how can she tell that to her benefactor? Embarrassed, she smiles as she eats her breakfast.

When she was done, she heads out to the stone walkway to enjoy the clear weather. Han Qilu descends to eat breakfast.

Batian suddenly sees her and gets excited. He's better than the last time. He walks to Chuxia's side and gently rubs against her feet. Suppressing a scream, she calls out for Steward Han. "Butler, please come! Come!"

Steward Han takes the dog back to its kennel. Han Qilu finishes breakfast and rides along with Chuxia in the car.

CHAPTER 92 Close Your Eyes

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The early study group at the Royal College of Stein is quieter than usual.

… And yet, unusual. A year of class A students are bursting with the sound of learning. Yes, they are learning: a variety of formulas, concepts, and theorem.

The reason is actually very simple. An Chuxia said, the key to their success as a class is not to back down. Otherwise, they have to directly answer to her fist.

Her fist is actually only a pretext. What she wanted was the class to focus on being active. She is only a mobilizer. She suggested to the class the may leave once they hand over their test. This is the first time everyone agrees to the request.

Although there are a few who aren't sure about their abilities, they didn't back out.

Satisfied, she smiles and says, “Look at you, they are fools. In fact, you are too modest. You are the geniuses because you're learning!"

She can scold to teach them a hard lesson but she can also give them candy as a treat. Obviously, all of class A prefers the second method.

Only the class teacher sheds tears. How many years of reading poetry and literature would it take to finally admit it takes a special teacher to teach at Stein? He didn't expect his teaching method wouldn't be as good as his student's. At the same time, he is grateful to An Chuxia and her accomplishment.

Her future must be infinitely bright. At least, better than his!

Class A organized themselves before lunch to go through the test results while the teachers corrected their exams. Among the forty students who took An Chuxia's exam, only three had more than three mistakes. More than ten students aced the exam, one of them includes An Chenchuan.

While the rest are happy, several are worried. Those with three wrong answers stand at the podium waiting for their beating.

An Chuxia paces around the podium. From time to time, she stares at them with cold eyes. They've always been ranked last in class. But this time, they may have three questions wrong but they answered eight. It can be said their personal history has made a breakthrough in record time!

"Put your hands out." She takes out the ruler and taps the podium, scaring them with the sound.

The three can't help but shake a bit but they stretch out their hands.

“Close your eyes.” An Chuxia reminds them.

They close their eyes and bite down in anticipation. However, An Chuxia puts the ruler down and picks up three books. She puts them in each of their hands, one by one.

Puzzled, they open their eyes and see the book in their hands. They look at An Chuxia.

“Your test results are actually good. Despite not reaching the goal, it's evident you didn't want to say hello to the ruler. So, I've decided to give these books to you. They have the questions and the answers to the ten questions we tested. Okay?"

They blink. They are so happy they can't wait to embrace her. But since she's a girl, they scratch the back of their head and hold on to the book.

“I hope you can try harder and have confidence in your own strength and potential. In the following days, you'll give me a copy of the answers, three times. If you fail to do this, the punishment is to write it 30 times. If not… ."

“Forty times?” Someone asks.

An Chuxia smiles and says “No, three hundred times.”

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