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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 89 "I Like You"

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl

He secures the robe with a beautiful bow.

“Come on.” Han Qilu beckons her to follow him at the sofa. He retrieves a glass of red wine before sitting. He looks up and sees An Chuxia standing vigilantly. "Well, are yougoing to sit or keep on standing?"

Her mouth twitches as she listens to him. She decides to sit on a stool across from him. "What do you want to say?"

Sipping a mouthful of wine, Han Qilu deliberately asks her, "What did you see?"

In all honesty, she saw everything, albeit a moment. But it was that kind of shock she probably would never forget. Wow! I hope he won't ask how long he is!? There's an old wives' tale told to children: You shouldn't see what is private. Otherwise your buttocks and eyes will get sores.

Her eyes moves erratically as she speaks. "Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be good… really pleasant!"

He knows An Chuxia is deliberately trying to change topics, but did she have to segue so badly? He glares at her what asking condescendingly, "Xiao mei, did you see it?"

Puff! "Hahahaha!!!” She suddenly chokes on her own saliva. Her throat is on fire and is uncomfortable. After a little while, she gets to the point.

Han Qilu's hand shoots up and touches his chin. He shoots her a contemptuous look. "I don't recall calling you to look at my body, so why did you? I asked you… ."

“Don't ask again!” She takes advantage by interrupting his words. “I saw what I have seen. That ugly thing… I didn't see anything great about it!”

So… ugly thing? Did she despise him?

“You just got me wrong. I just wanted to ask you if you wanna know what was written on that letter,” he says, looking at An Chuxia, who is slightly flushed.

An Chuxia’s heartbeat gradually returns to normal. He squints his eyes and moves his lips. "Do you want me to tell you… or not?"

She can tell he's getting angry. Angry about what? Because she interrupted him tonight to ask about this question?

Han Qilu rarely displays his quiet temperament. He softly says, "I like you."

She clenches her fist, and stares at his eyes quickly. However, Han Qilu just chuckles. "Don't misunderstand. It's impossible for the young master to like a hard working and deep person like you. I mean, An Chenchuan, he said he likes you."

The night wind blows through the open windows and An Chuxia’s hair floats. Against the light, her white skin made her look like she's made of porcelain.

"Is that a joke?” He can't even tell her the truth! What a mess.

  We might try to talk.

She recalls her conversation with him vividly. Gee, what's happening to her?

"So, do you hate him? An Chenchuan.” His deep voice easily fills with power. An Chuxia raises her head slightly and looks at Han Qilu.

Do I hate An Chenchuan? Since her father is currently his, should she hate him for that reason?

CHAPTER 90 No Relationship Has Occurred (1)

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl

She asks her heart again, and she finds out she doesn't hate An Chenchuan. She could hear her mother say, if one day, she gets to see her father and his existing family members, have a peaceful heart. That means she shouldn't hate him, right?

"No, I don't hate him.” Her tone is sure; no trace of doubt.

“Oh?” She doesn't notice Han Qilu's eyes getting cold. "Does that mean you like him?"

An Chuxia didn't like the disdain in his voice. "Just because I don't hate him doesn't mean I like him. If you're bored, go play with your toys. Do something else other than bother me. I have no need to talk to you anymore."

She gets up and leaves and he doesn't stop her. But a cold smile touches his lips.

They have never been good or friendly to each other from the very beginning. He looks up and realizes the goblet of red wine is drained. He looks forward to seeing how the boy would chase his sister.

An Chuxia is relieved the moment she leaves Han Qilu's room. She was impulsive… but she can't help but be impulsive. Sighing, she suddenly remembers Jiang Yuan. She goes to her studio in search of her.

Jiang Yuan has a special writing room. It's where she stores all her research. She has her published books, a computer, printer, and fax machine. Everything that's in the room is related to writing.

She sees light emitting from under the door. Jiang Yuan should be inside.

An Chuxia raises her knuckle to rap on the door. She hears no movement. Is she not around?

Just as she is about to call her, she hears Jiang Yuan behind her. "Huh, Xiao Xia, what are you doing here?"

An Chuxia sees her carrying a cup of coffee. She is known to like the beverage. She looks up at Jiang Yuan's inquisitive look as she sips her beverage. "Ayi, I came to you to explain what just happened… ."

Jiang Yuan immediately takes Chuxia's hand while the other carries the coffee. She pulls Chuxia into the writing room. Jiang Yuan looks for a chair for her to sit down. "You don't have to explain! I am your mommy and I am not the kind who thinks of feudal relations. I am a romance novelist, you know? I hope my salutations are not too late… That's not it… I mean… I won't blame you."

What? An Chuxia says to herself incredulously.

Jiang Yuan puts the coffee cup next to her computer before swinging her chair close to Chuxia. "Xiao Xia, when you're doing it for the first time… it might be very painful. Oh, and it's best if you're lying down."

Mortified, An Chuxia stands up and wants to rush to Han Qilu's room. An Chuxia quickly says, "Ayi, you really misunderstood! I fell off the bed and when Qilu finished bathing, he tried to break my fall and ended up tearing my nightgown, and his bath towel fell off… in the process."

After An Chuxia's explanation, Jiang Yuan is silent. It seems like she's trying to comprehend what she just heard. After a long pause, Jiang Yuan looks An Chuxia in they eyes and asks softly, "You mean, nothing happened between you and Han Qilu?"

Thank goodness, she finally understood. An Chuxia is finally relieved to say, "Of course not!"

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