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Chapter 82
CHAPTER 82 Do You Have Anything to Say to Me?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chenchuan is surprised to see An Chuxia look so calm. His primary thought was that she’d be disgusted after letting her know how he felt about her. If nothing else, wouldn’t he be able to tell if she is disgusted?

The letter is a confession after all. He thought about it all night.

But since she says she never read it, he can tell from her eyes, she isn’t lying. Maybe he has a chance. He is relieved.

“Why are you laughing all of a sudden? I was asking you

what was written in the letter. Is it a challenge question? Because the day you beat me on challenge questions, I’ll be ready for that fight!”

Her serious expression is one he just wants to kiss. He just shakes his head. Her voice is intoxicatingly magnetic.

“I’m just laughing at how you might have lost it.” He pauses as he straightens his posture. “An Chuxia, the letter… .”

“Have you two been here the whole time?” Han Qilu smiles at An Chenchuan as he hovers by the door. His right hand is casually pocketed in his pants. He posed like he was doing a cover shoot

shoot for a magazine.

Han Qilu is greedy. Even if that item annoys him to the bones, he doesn’t like anyone getting half of what he owns. Just like An Chuxia. He maybe miserly with their relationship but that doesn’t mean anyone can have it either.

An Chenchuan is surprised. He didn’t expect him to show up. Although he is smiling, he is clearly aware Han Qilu’s smile is full of contempt.

“Young master Han,” he acknowledges him. His father taught him not to offend the Hans. It is not flattery. Han Qilu is the king, and people can’t but look up at him.

How can this be? Seeing

this be? Seeing Han Qilu makes An Chuxia a bit unhappy. She’s been curious about the contents of the letter. But he appears every time when she hears about it!

“Ah, you siblings left me and I am lonely,” Han Qilu may or may not have intentionally spilled the relationship between An Chenchuan and An Chuxia.

An Chenchuan is no fool. He heard Han Qilu’s words. He can’t fathom why he said that. Is it because he, too, likes An Chuxia? Didn’t he hear he had a woman before?

“We were just analyzing a problem. As a senior, I doubt you wanted to listen to it,” she says.

To suppress she says.

To suppress his anger, Han Qilu answers, “Of course not! It’s not like I need something like that to be explained to me again. I just came to tell you, they’re finished and we are waiting on you so that we can leave.”

She thins her lips. She still can’t have a harmonius relationship with Qilu.

“We’ll meet before class starts tomorrow.” She nods slightly to Chenchuan, bypassing Han Qilu on the way out.

Qilu smirks as he exchanges glances with An Chenchuan. “Do you have anything to say to me?”

Chenchuan is shocked; Han Qilu spoke to him!

“I just have a question to ask you.”

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