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Chapter 81

An Chenchuan’s room is predominantly brown. The hues remind her of the Milestone’s Hotel Presidential Suite.

For a boy, you have a neat room, An Chuxia says to herself. In her head, she pictures a boy’s room to be littered with smelly socks, a muddy basketball in the corner of the room, and clothes stacked messily on a bed.

But this is clean.

An Chuxia’s surprised expression amuses An Chenchuan. He scratches the back of his head and says, “My room is neat because I often have friends over. But, An Chuxia,

have you ever been in a boy’s room?”

She pauses for a minute before rendering her answer. “I just thought… No, I have never been to a boy’s room. This is my first.”

Her ordinary words made him blush, but fortunately, the room is relatively dim. An Chuxia did not notice. Otherwise, he might as well be dead.

Suddenly, An Chuxia remembers why they were in his room. She sits by his desk. “You just said you didn’t understand a question? Let me help you.”

What they didn’t know, is that, someone is actually

actually outside the door; a shadow pulled long by the old lamp. Yellow light falls on his angular face. No matter when, no matter where, he seems like he shines brightly.

An Chenchuan runs quickly to retrieve the papers out of the drawer. “I don’t remember how to solve this problem. It’s useless. The city exam won’t have the same problem, would it?” he asks about the chemistry problem.

She nods in acknowledgement and draws a chart.

“You see, this question is actually very simple. Don’t be anxious about how long the problem is.

problem is. Just understand the relationship between the chemicals. Three sulfur oxygen… .”

A few minutes later, An Chenchuan gets it. “An Chuxia, you’re really great in analyzing these problems.”

She smiles in embarrassment. “You could, too, if you understand it.”

She stops talking and awkward silence falls on them.

“An Chuxia.” An Chenchuan’s eyes become serious. “The letter I gave you in school, did you read it?”

An Chenchuan… Han Qilu curses his name in his head. Surely, the letter he gave is a bold move! But it doesn’t matter now. He’s already An Chuxia’s brother.

He An Chuxia’s brother.

He doesn’t know why he’s so bothered about this matter. Is it male pride and possessiveness?

His face stiffens. He wonders how she’ll answer An Chenchuan’s question. Would she end up telling him he tore the letter? Oh, I don’t care!

She is just about to respond when Chenchuan speaks up. “It doesn’t matter. I know you will not agree… .”

She shoots Chenchuan a confused gaze. Suddenly, she’s puzzled. That envelope didn’t contain a challenge question?

“Actually… I’m sorry. I lost the letter. But what did you mean by it? What was in it?”

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