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Chapter 72
CHAPTER 72 Tearing the Letter


Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

“Hello?” Her crisp voice reverberates through the phone. On the other end of the phone is a flustered An Chen Chuan. For someone who’s always been impish, he wants to make a serious impression on An Chuxia.

She doesn’t hear anything from the other side. She looks at the screen display. It says it’s in call.

Strange, she says to herself. Why is there no sound? Is it a misdialed number? A prank call? She puts the phone back to her ear and repeats, “Hello?”

Nothing but silence.

As she is about to hang up, she

hears a voice.

“It’s me.”

Two simple words prevent her from hanging up. She tilts her head and thinks. He sounds like An Chen Chuan. Strange, how does he know her cell phone number?

Wondering, she asks, “Is this… Chen Chuan?”

Han Qilu pauses his World of Warcraft game before resuming. He listens to her conversation with indifference. Chen Chuan is the name of a man…

Okay… There are no other words.

“What is it?” She smiles and asks. She recalls seeing An Chen Chuan look at her differently this afternoon. For that, she felt a bit sympathetic.

He pretends to be calm but his trembling voice

voice gives him away. “I want to know… have you read the letter I gave you?”

Is he afraid of her? She chuckles. “I’ve not. I just got in the car.”

“Okay, goodbye.” Then, she hears a busy tone.

She hangs up, perplexed. Putting the phone aside, she pulls the envelope from her coat pocket. She tears the blue envelope with the light blue letterhead. It is simple, but elegant.

She starts reading. An Chuxia, I…

“What are you doing?!” An Chuxia yells at Han Qilu as he grabs the letter from her hands. She has only read the saluations.

He scans at the note and reads: An

and reads: An Chuxia, I like you. If I take the general exam and score high, please contact me.

His handwriting is not the best, but he seems sincere in writing the note. However, it’s what’s between the lines that annoys him!

His mouth hooks but it isn’t a smile. He glances at an angry An Chuxia. The grin on his face increases. He tears the letter into pieces and throws it out of the window.

…like snowflakes scattering in the wind.

She is so angry she wants to reach out and strangle him. However, she hears Han Liuhai in the back of her head of her head saying, “…as a child, he wanted to make friends. But again and again, his dream has been broken. Since then, he no longer believes in anybody, and his personality has become more volatile.”

Definitely, his character changes a lot. She stares at Han Qilu, who remains mute, sitting back against his seat.

A tear escapes. Why is she crying? Is it because his game is so noisy?

Never again will she give in to her emotions while he’s in front of her. She takes a deep breath. She slowly lowers her eyelids, her long lashes hide her emotions.

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