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Chapter 71

Xiao Mingluo’s face stiffens. She is probably the only person in history who can justifiably dislike Han Qilu. She doesn’t want to be Han Qilu’s fiancée?

Mingluo and Hanyu look at each other and both are stunned. If a gust of wind blew, they’d both be blown away.

“I’ve said enough. Goodbye!” She snatches Hanyu’s hand from her collar and leaves them standing.

A few seconds later, Xiao Mingluo kicks Hanyu on the shin.

“Ah – that’s painful!!! Why did you kick me?” He strokes the sore spot.

Mingluo stares at his friend like he’s a special kind of stupid. “Ling Hanyu, after what you

did, I’ve come to the conclusion, that you’re a pig… definitely a pig!”

After saying his piece, Mingluo walks away thinking how scared An Chuxia might actually be. Ling Hanyu just turns away.

Is this really how they should help Han ayi? They seem to have forgotten that Jiang Yuan gave them the task to do everything possible to match An Chuxia and Han Qilu.

So far, it seems impossible.

Golden sunshine sprinkles on An Chuxia this evening. Right now, everything seems beautiful and peaceful. A flock of white pigeons fly to the top of the church and politics building. She turns around and looks

looks at them, entranced.

“How long are you going to be standing there?” The sound of Qilu’s voice comes from behind. An Chuxia hurriedly turns around, only to find the Bentley quietly parked at the school gate. Han Qilu is calling out to her from the rolled-down window.

Ah, she almost forgot they had to go to school together.

She runs quickly to the car, opens the door and looks at Han Qilu apologetically. “I am sorry for keeping you waiting.” She also apologizes to the driver.

Han Qilu didn’t care much for her apology but it touches the driver. He turns his head and reminds

and reminds her kindly, “Miss Xia, it’s early. Once you’ve secured your seat belt, we will leave.”

She nods, buckles the seat belt, and puts the stack of books to her left, separating her and Han Qilu.

Although her action is unintentional, Han Qilu sees it as purely intentional! The car starts and takes them home.

“You’re slower than a snail.” His eyes are full of scorn despite his eyes focusing on the the laptop. If it weren’t for An Chuxia watching his lips move, she would’ve mistaken his words for auditory hallucinations.

Slowly, she bows her head. She doesn’t know how to respond.

“Miss Chuxia, don’t you Chuxia, don’t you have your phone on you? Master tried calling you several times.” The driver asks to break the tension.

Mobile phone.

“I remember I took it.” She recalls picking it up this time. She fishes the device from her breast pocket. She remembers turning it off while she was in class.

“It was switched off,” she says in embarrassment.

She presses the power button, and sure enough, the screen shows several missed calls. Each one was from Han Qilu. It looks like he was impatient.

She mentally curses Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu. Suddenly, her phone vibrates. She answers it on the the first ring.

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