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Chapter 67

“You think I’d that to you?” Ying Taoqiu starts explaining.”I ate the wrong thing today, and I’ve been in the toilet. Do you think I have control over these things?”

“Those things you didn’t know… .”

“Oh! I have to use the toilet again!” Ying Taoqiu’s face becomes really pale. Clutching her stomach, she runs out just in time to run into the class teacher.

The teacher says nothing as she sees Ying Taoqiu’s face in anguish.

Qilu comes out of the toilet and lets out a sigh. “Have both of you

been following me?”

“Follow? No?” Xiao Mingluo says innocently. “I just came to use the toilet. Isn’t it for everyone’s use?”

He gazes at Mingluo, then he directs his eyes to Hanyu. “And you? The toilet?”

Ling Hanyu comes up with the same excuse. “I certainly came to use the toilet, what else can I do? Hey…!”

Qilu silences Hanyu’s laughs with a sharp gaze. Afraid, Hanyu hides behind Xiao Mingluo. It’s obvious they are monitoring him! Can’t he use the toilet in peace? They definitely can’t fool him! However, there’s no point

point in arguing with them either.

Han Qilu announces haughtily. “Don’t let me see you after school. Otherwise, I’ll force you to go drink with Yan Wang Ye.”

Mingluo and Hanyu quiet down before glancing at each other. Immediately, they disappear. They cherish their life enough to do Qilu’s bidding.

An Chuxia, now has become a legend… she won the ‘Stein Simulated General Examination test’ with full score. The faculty is surprised.

An Chuxia lectures on the podium instead of the class teacher! Who does she think she is? The Virgin Mary?

His mind is

mind is filled with those words. An Chuxia is nothing but a series of miracles.

His eyes turn bleak at the thought of her.

His feet unconsciously take him downstairs, involuntarily taking him past first year A’s class. It was then he hears An Chuxia’s passionate voice.

The class curtains are pulled and the front and back doors of the classroom are closed. He stands alone outside the classroom corridor. He leans lazily leans against the white railing.

“I’ve given you the problem analysis. Tomorrow, use it in on the re-test. As I said before, I said before, anyone who gets more than three problems wrong will have to receive tutoring from my fist… By the way, I’ll ask our teacher to prepare tomorrow’s test with today’s problems so that you’ll have the answers once the papers are handed back. Got it?”

“Got it!” They respond loudly.

How did she make a mediocre class fight for their grade?

Did she use her fists? He is unaware a smile touches his lips. He still remembers the night she arrived at the Han mansion. He fell to the ground immediately.

Did she… practice?

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