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Chapter 48
CHAPTER 48 You’re Going to Die, So…  

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie

Editor Note: ***Hydroplaning or aquaplaning happens when the tires of a vehicle lose traction on a wet roadway, causing the car to drift like a sled until the wheels gain traction again.

Despite being an atheist, she’d be lying if she didn’t admit she’s afraid. She’s afraid as she looks at the desolate place large enough to be filled with tombstones of the graveyard.

Now she’s truly lost. She suddenly feels cold sweat roll down her back.

Han Qilu races his car. Due to the weather, there aren’t many vehicles on the road. He isn’t afraid of hydroplaning in the heavy rain.

He arrives at Stein College and is told An Chuxia has

long since gone. Han Qilu runs out into the rain and into the teaching building and into the security room. Several security officers armed with reading glasses read the late newspaper.

“Have you see a girl with long but not very beautiful hair, leave Stein College?” Han Qilu doesn’t take the time to breathe as he asks the security officers.

The security officers look at each other. “Arent’t you… young master Han?”

“I asked you, have you seen her?!” Although his tone was friendly, none of the security officers dare to speak. Everyone knows he and his father are the directors of Stein College.

One of the older security officers replies, “Not only is there one beautiful girl in Stein; not five hundred. There are

are a thousand. Why do you want to find only one?”

This range isn’t really the point, Han Qilu frowns as he thinks of An Chuxia’s characteristics. “She is not only not beautiful, but did she also stay?”

The security officer shakes his head. “I still do not know which one you are looking for, but just as it rained, very beautiful female student limped with a book and went her way. She didn’t take a shuttle home. Will you need help finding her?”


Han Qilu suddenly thought of her in the room when he suddenly turned around and ran into the rain.

Is she really hurt? Obviously, she knew it was going to rain. But clearly she won’t be waiting in the classroom!

He drives the

drives the way back home a few times but he doesn’t find An Chuxia . He makes a phone call and asks the wait staff if An Chuxia knows the road home. Maybe she can’t find her way back and is so lost.

Once again, passing a fork, he subconsciously thinks An Chuxia may take the first road on the left. Once again, he throttles toward the first road.

A huge burial ground sobers people up… a lot.

It is the kind of fear that forces a person to turn around and hurry back. Unfortunately, An Chuxia steps on a deep puddle and accidentally slips to the ground.

The worst is… she couldn’t get back up. Now she sings, “Foot injury is the pain of breathing, it of breathing, it left in the blood to scroll back and forth.”

She looks up at the sky. Dense raindrops tirelessly fall and drip down onto her face.

She’s now numb to the rain. This feeling, it doesn’t seem bad. If she dies, wouldn’t she see her mother again?

“Are you planning to die here?”

A pleasant male voice calls out to her. She can not help but have a layer of goosebumps tickle her skin. She tries to open her eyes to see him but the lights blind her.

She doesn’t recall when the blue sports car stops in front of her. The wipers keep swiping. She peers through the glass, and she sees Han Qilu sitting inside.

How can this man appear at her most embarrassing moment?

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