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Chapter 49

“Are you getting in the car?” His heart feels like it’s being ripped out from him as he watches the rain fall on her miserably.

Is he actually showing brotherly love?

An Chuxia truly wants to get out of the rain, but her feet won’t simply move. She stares at him with her big, pitiful eyes.

“Don’t tell me your leg is sprained. Stand up.” Han Qilu’s tone changes. She thinks he’s actually crazy. He opens the door and strides toward An Chuxia. Impatience is written all over his face.

She can feel the warm heat emanating from his lower body and it makes her blush. Han Qilu takes a step

closer, but she suddenly raises her hand, signaling him to stop.

“Don’t come any closer. I… I can stand up.” She stares at him nervously.

But Han Qilu is completely unaware of her situation. His displeasure has become more obvious.

“An Chuxia, why are you being so stubborn?” He stares back at her fiercely. Regardless of her command, he briskly walks to her and squats. He notices bright red liquid on the ground. He can’t help but be shocked.

An Chuxia can’t believe her luck. In her life, does she have to go through this much humiliation? She already hates her aunt. But why did she choose this time to visit her?



Both heaven and earth, why do you tease me! She shouts in her heart.

But the fact is not that An Chuxia is suffering… .

Han Qilu slowly raises his head, his eyes are filled with shock.

“I told you not to come closer,” she whispers. But all of a sudden the air around her becomes cool. She looks up at Qilu. He has a look that could kill.

“When did you get pregnant?! Who got you pregnant? He has to be responsible. As a girl, don’t you know at what point to stop?” Han Qilu explodes.

An Chuxia is confused. “What are you talking about? What man, what responsibility?”

“Oh, still playing dumb?” Han Qilu

Han Qilu sneers.

An Chuxia frowns. Suddenly, she reads his mind. This guy isn’t stupid to think she is having a miscarriage, right? God, is this what he thinks of her!

“It’s not what you think.” She replies, “It’s not an abortion, it’s an accident!”

Sometimes she feels she overestimates people’s IQ. She suddenly wants to laugh at the play of emotions taking place on Qilu’s face.

He glares at her mercilessly. Despite being dirty, Han Qilu carefully picks her up and puts her in the car.

Soon after he starts the engine, he hands her a towel to wipe her face and hair. He remains silent, a feeling she’s been accustomed to experiencing.

“Aren’t you to experiencing.

“Aren’t you afraid I’d mess up your car?” She talks cautiously through the towel. She’s afraid of annoying him. After all, annoying him this time might lead him to throwing her out himself!

Han Qilu eyes meets hers through the rearview mirror. Seeing her pale lips made him frown deeper and deeper.

“I am more afraid of my mother freezing my credit card.” He finds a reason he thinks is good, but is, in fact, very far-fetched.

Is the credit card that important to him? An Chuxia just nods.

“Don’t you know you should’ve stayed in the classroom while waiting for the car? As a girl, you sure are an idiot.”

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