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Chapter 46
CHAPTER 46   Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie


Pressing the end call the key, Han Qilu impatiently gets up. “I’m leaving first.”

Mo Xinwei also stands up and alertly asks, “Was that An Chuxia on the phone?”

Although Han Qilu seems to be very annoyed with An Chuxia, he finds it heartbreaking to see Mo Xinwei torturing her.

Finally, he manages to make her leave the Han residence. Who knows where she is? She left willingly. Her departure has become insidious.

“No! That was my maid.” He responds to Mo Xinwei’s question. However, he looks helplessly around him.

Mo Xinwei relentlessly asks, “Can I go back with you to see aunt?”

“Miss Mo Xinwei, you

should call her Aunt Jiang, rather than aunt.” Xiao Mingluo stares down the goblet, his face ‘sincere’. His heart silently curses her, “Villain, be wise!”

Seeing that Han Qilu doesn’t care to answer her, Mo Xinwei rushes to the door and hurriedly catches up to him. She pulls his arm and asks, “Are the rumors true? Is An Chuxia your fiancée?”

Her eyes are full of urgency. She is eager to know the answer.

He stares at her for a long time before pulling her hand away. From the start, he didn’t know how to answer Mo Xinwei’s question. Obviously, he could just answer yes or no. But he doesn’t know why

why he cannot answer anything.

Ling Hanyu is pleased to see her so desperate. Really, An Chuxia is more pleasing to the eye compared to Mo Xinwei!

“Go, asshole, we should also go home.” Xiao Mingluo puts down the glass as he grabs Ling Hanyu’s attention.

As they exit Atlantis, they realize the weather has changed. The sky is now gloomy and overcast. Lightning flashes on the distant clouds from time to time. The winds blowing indicate heavy rain is coming.

Xiao Mingluo drove the sports car. He looks up at the sky and says, “Fortunately, we’re leaving early. Otherwise, the car would’ve been rained on with the top down.”

At Han Hall, the atmosphere is

atmosphere is very mundane.

“What? Your flight from Beijing is delayed due to the weather? How can this work?!” Jiang Yuan shouts over the phone to steward Han.

It is now impossible to get the EMS contract in before the 30th. It looks like it’ll be completed after.

“Forget it, just come home immediately! Just get a little gift from Beijing and give it to my friend for helping.” She frowns as she hangs up the phone.

This isn’t the cause of her distress, of course.

“Isn’t there’s three days before the thirtieth? EMS can do it,” Han Liuhai says to Jiang Yuan as he sits on the sofa watching TV. “Don’t blame steward Han. The steward Han. The flight delay is not his fault “

“I know I know.” Jiang Yuan takes a grape and stuffs her mouth. “Can’t I be allowed to be anxious?”

“I’m back.” A tired Han Qilu takes off his coat and hands it to the waiting maid.

“Are you back with xiao Xia?” Jiang Yuan looked behind the Han Qilu. Qilu glances back and calls for her. She receives no answer.

“What happened to xiao An Chuxia?” Looking puzzled, Han Qilu asks, “She’s not upstairs resting?”

From the outside, as the thunder boomed very loudly, Jiang Yuan yells at Han Qilu spiritedly. “Don’t tell me you did not pick her up!!!”

Cold wind blows … .


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