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Chapter 45
CHAPTER 45 Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

T/N: In this chapter, eating rice means living in vain or futility. It refers to living off others


Xiao Mingluo looks at his friend coldy. He can’t speak. He flashes a look at Qilu that says he’s done playing.

A part of Ling Hanyu dares not to persuade Han Qilu, but he secretly wants to help An Chuxia. When they ate lunch at the Han residence, Jiang Yuan asked them to watch out for An Chuxia at school to avoid trouble. Otherwise, she won’t graduate with them.

Jiang Yuan and Han Qilu are so untouchable!

In the Han Hall, the atmosphere is not harmonious.

“I want you to come

here so you can eat rice! You are useless! Did you actually take a good look at An Chuxia?”

Jiang Yuan’s face is filled with anger as she stands in the middle of the hall, lecturing.

“I’m sorry, Madame, Miss Xia herself insisted on going to class. She insisted not missing her first day at The Royal College.” The maid lowers his head after responding.

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Yuan impatiently scolds. “You can’t make a phone call to me?!”

The maid lowers his head further and continues, “Your cell phone has been shut down. Miss Xia also tried called you.”

Jiang Yuan beats herself in the head. She forgot to turn on her phone after

after she finished!

“Where’s steward Han?” Jiang Yuan clears her throat. She can’t find reason to blame them.

“Madame, he left for Beijing to take that contract since the courier is too slow?” The maid slightly raises his head, puzzled that the mistress forgot.

“Forget it! Aren’t you busy? Go.” Jiang Yuan continues to take a few deep breaths. She hates how they did not call someone else to take the contract. But then, if it was another, she’d be worrying… .

Four o’clock arrives and the other maids are ready to serve dinner. There is no answer on her phone. She hesitates to shut it down. She doesn’t know what to say.

The maid notices Jiang Yuan

Jiang Yuan staring at the mobile phone. She wonders what happened.

“Are you hoping Miss Xia would have a few words with you?” The maid quickly asks.

“Soon,” Jiang Yuan wishes urgently. In fact, she doesn’t know why her child isn’t easy on An Chuxia. Is it because of her independent character and stubbornness which is much like his? It’s not clear.

She concludes that maybe, her son hates his mother because she’ll go to the ends of the earth to save Liu Hai. She loves Qilu and Liu Hai, even if all they do is shout at each other. But if Liuhai really disappears, she is afraid she can not live.

“Miss Xia says she’s grateful to she’s grateful to you for taking care of her, but she wants to be able to rely on her own efforts to get into a good university, so she would try to stay with what she can afford.”

This means she has to hope she will not stop going to school.

“This child distresses me. I forget when school lets out, so have Han Qilu pick her up from school. Yes, Han Qilu, that bastard.” Jiang Yuan instructs the maid.

The maid bows his head and replies, “Master and young masters Xiao and Ling are in Atlantis.”

“Bastards!” She grabs a candy and throws it hard against the floor. “Call him back!”

“Yes.” The maid runs to make the phone call.

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