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Chapter 44

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie


Kang Wen’s face turned gloomy. Gritting his teeth, he replies, “I… .”

He wants to say he that loves her, that he wants to have a life with her. But at this time, he feels like he has been severely slapped on the face and ashamed for her actions.

But for now, he can’t admit Jasmine’s actions makes her a slut and it certainly taints the light. He has nothing but hate for Han and his gang.

The fact they’re dazzling, and as he is the birthday boy, all eyes are watching them. Subconsciously, he hates all of them.

“Well, Master Kang’s

eyes are really… unique,” Han Qilu speaks naturally. “Since we’re just playing… return Jasmine to the young gentleman.”

Voices down and without expression, security releases Jasmine from the box.

His men are well-trained!

“Kang Wen… ,” Jasmine sobs, tears streak down her face as she rushes into Kang Wen’s arms.

Kang Wen takes her in his arms and turns to Han Qilu. “Sorry, young master Han, for giving you trouble.”

Han’s smile does not matter. “It’s nothing. It’s not big trouble.”

Kang wonders about the man. How can he be so popular with his half dead/half thorn-on-the-side personality? He can’t find any potential. But at this moment, he’ll just cherish his life

life away from Han Qilu.

Kang Wen flashes an embarrassed smile. Facing Han Qilu, he nods. “We’ll take our leave.”

“Goodbye. No need to see us off.” Han Qilu leave these four words as Kang and Jasmine leave the box.

“Han Qilu, you put everyone’s health at risk and an ugly light on young adults. Did you see his forehead? I thought his blue veins will burst.” Ling Hanyu shakes his head, watching the door close behind them.

Xiao Mingluo wasn’t paying attention. In the end, he’s grateful for Jasmine’s interference.

Mo Xinwei walks over to Han Qilu. She sits by him and clings softly to his arm. “Han Qilu, so why

so why did you call on me? Are you going to tell me?”

“Get a few bottles of red wine and bring them over,” Han Qilu instructs the bartender instead. Han Qilu turns his head and smiles at her. “This is all about An Chuxia.”

Everyone around him immediately quiets down. Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu glance at each other, anticipating Han Qilu to go on.

Mo Xinwei’s face suddenly turns very dour. It turns out he has a thing for her! She still thinks… .

“Please don’t misunderstand.” Mo Xinwei’s expression is filled with haughtiness. “I wanted to say, what happened this morning… I was helping you make persistent efforts.”

Her eyes persistent efforts.”

Her eyes flash a trace of joy despite being highly confused. Han Qilu isn’t always guarding An Chuxia, right? How is it that this time, he’s actually supporting her?. This is not consistent with scientific truth. Could it be that… .

Quickly loosening her grip on Qilu, she carefully says, “I’m sorry, Han Qilu, I will never be her. Really! Do not be angry, okay?”

His hand caresses Mo Xinwei’s cheek. Han Qilu smiles and says, “Baby, you seem to misunderstand what I mean. I just wanted to embarrass her so she won’t attend Stein.”

“Han Qilu, do not do this…!” Xiao Mingluo couldn’t help himself from saying.


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