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CHAPTER 405 Then I Will Stay With You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

When An Chuxia walks in, she hears Jiang Yuan talking to someone about writing. She dare not disturb her by saying hello. When she gets to her room, she closes the door behind her. However, it opens again. Despite the person tiptoeing, she knows it's Han Qilu who walked in.

She doesn't pay much attention to him. She picks up the bottle of Coke she brought up with her. The cap is sealed tightly, and she can't uncap the drink in her right hand. Sighing heavily, she walks over to Han Qilu who is lying on her bed and covering his eyes.

She holds out her hand. "Help me unscrew the lid!"

Han Qilu, whose eyes are half open, seal shut. Then, he rolls over and pretends to be asleep!

"Hey!" An Chuxia says loudly as she squats to his rolled side and shakes his body. "I'm thirsty!"

"Don't you know how to be self-reliant?" Han Qilu's eyes flutter open slowly, but he takes the soda from her hand. He wants to tease her when he opens her drink. He knows she's going to be angry, but it's too good to pass up.

He sits in a cross-legged position as he easily unscrews the bottle cap. As soon as she looks up, he drinks half of the bottle's contents.

"Hey, my cola!" It's only then An Chuxia reacts and reaches for the half-drunk bottle. She's sulking, and she's caught in that indescribable expression of wanting to drink the cola, and at the same time, not.

"Don't drink it. Give it to me!" Slow to movement, Han Qilu pulls the bottle away. An Chuxia hurriedly grabs and protects the cola from him. She looks up and takes a sip of what is left. The latter action makes him smile and change his disposition. He grabs her mobile phone from her pocket.

"What are you doing?" She suddenly snatches back her phone from him, and clicks on the address book. Han Qilu has changed his name to 'Dear Husband'. Her face turns crimson. She squats and shoots him a dissatisfied look. "Young master Han Qilu, aren't you being childish?"

"If I find out you've changed it, you're dead!" With that statement, he pushes himself off the bed.

As he gets out, An Chuxia subconsciously asks, "Where are you going?" Immediately after blurting the question, she bites her tongue as her face gets redder.

Sure enough, he smiles unscrupulously and brings his face closer to hers. "Why, you don't want me to go? Then I'll stay and sleep with you."

But he has to go.

"Go to your own bed! Sleep with that big head of yours!" An Chuxia pulls on the pillow on her side and slams it.

Han Qilu shrugs. "If you want me to go, just say so. I wouldn’t have laughed at you.. ."

"Not yet!" An Chuxia gnashes her teeth, hating herself and asking herself how to save her own face.

"An Chuxia." Han Qilu says her name with a smile, but he is serious. "You're mine. If I find out you're getting close to another man, no matter where I am, I am not going to let him rest. Understand?"

Without waiting for an answer, he leaves.

An Chuxia looks at the direction he left, and all she feels is a filled heart.

CHAPTER 406 You're in a Bad Mood

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Because of Han Qilu's curse, she isn't able to sleep well at all. She repeats the events in her head over and over again, and now, her face is red and hot. Not to mention her ears! Isn't it that if your ears turn hot, someone is missing you?

Can it be Han Qilu? She tosses and turns until she falls into fitful sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

At 7 o'clock in the morning, Han Qilu goes down the stairs looking refreshed, wearing a light blue plaid shirt and dark red jeans. While yawning, he almost steps on a vase filled with scarlet kaffir lilies.

Red Kaffir lily

"F**k! Who put this here?" Han Qilu looks angry, and his eyes are now filled with fury. [This dangerous creature usually is bad first thing in the morning. =_=^]

"I'm sorry, young master! I'll take this away now." The innocent-looking maid rushes forward to get the vase. There has always been two vases of lilies on the bottom of the steps. It's just unlucky that Han Qilu encountered them today!

"Han Qilu, don't wake up early to be angry!" Jiang Yuan walks out of the kitchen with two glasses of milk on a tray.

Han Qilu snorts in response. Scanning the hall, he sits down hesitantly. He picks up the fork, stabs his food and fills his mouth. "Is that An Chuxia person in the kitchen?"

"What do you mean "that An Chuxia person"? She is my dear little An Chuxia!" Jiang Yuan argues in dissatisfaction. She lets out a heavy sigh before replying, "She's not in the kitchen… I don't think she's come down. She's usually an early riser."

"Did the pig stay up all night playing games?" Han Qilu's tone is a bit ridiculous, but he starts smiling. If anyone looked close enough, he seemed delighted.

However, Jiang Yuan didn't find his tone humorous. How can her son compare her An Chuxia baby to a pig?! How can a pig call her baby Chuxia a pig?

Firm fists are planted on the hips. "Bunny rabbit, are you calling An Chuxia a pig? You're in a foul mood today. Are you courting death?"

"Fine, I won't call her that." Han Qilu stands up. "I'll go wake her up."

He prefers getting An Chuxia up rather than quarrel with an old demon in the midst of menopause. He climbs up the steps without losing breath. His hand is on the doorknob, and he twists it, but the door doesn't open!

"F**k! The pig actually locked the door!" He frowns. He takes his hand out of his pocket and starts rapping on the door impatiently. "An Chuxia, you dead pig! Open the door quickly before I slam against it!"

An Chuxia is in the middle of a deep sleep, playing chess with the chess master, Zhou Gong. [O(∩_∩)O~Senior Zhou Gong, your chess skills are superb~]

A cold wind blows. Han Qilu gnashes his teeth when he doesn't hear anything behind the door. He takes a step back and rushes toward the door.


After a loud bang, the door opens!

"What's that sound? What happened?!!!" An Chuxia wakes up, losing the game to the master. She looks around, confused.

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