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CHAPTER 403 Black Devil

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: I used the translation of black demon/devil because the term 黑鬼 also means the derogatory term n****r, which I refuse to use.

Han Qilu sees Xiao Mingluo, and reaches out for a cigarette from his pocket and let it dangle from his lips. With his other hand, he reaches for the lighter in his pocket. The flame flickers and it dimly lights the end of the cigarette.

Cough. Xiao Mingluo coughs and shifts his weight where he stands, looking straight at Han Qilu, smiling.

Han Qilu expels a cloud of smoke and stares at Xiao Mingluo. His tone is poor. "Out with it."

"I mean, do you have to be that short with An Chuxia? She hasn't married you yet, and you treat her like this. I can imagine what would happen if she's actually married to you. You'd suffocate her." How dark her life would be. "So… ." Xiao Mingluo smiles shamelessly. "Before marrying her, close your eyes and imagine."

The voice falls, and Han Qilu's eyes close as he flicks the cigarette. Despite Xiao Mingluo's quick reflexes, he still gets singes on the knuckle of his middle finger.

"Hey–" Xiao Mingluo takes a sharp breath, and blows directly on his hand. "Han Qilu, you murder your relatives and friends!"

"It's only the tip that burned you. It could've been your whole hand." Han Qilu smiles slightly, but internally, he has murderous thoughts.

Xiao Mingluo dare not laugh. He's convinced he won't win. "You should just be aware that the person you're arguing with isn't simple minded. Really… ."

Han Qilu remains silent. Xiao Mingluo takes a few steps toward him and continues. "I accidentally ran a profile on him. An Chuxia called me earlier to check up on him. I found the Nangong name in the school archives, but that's not all… ."

There is a sudden urgency in the air. Han Qilu is stunned, and has turned very serious.
Who knew Xiao Mingluo's words would make things so awkward? "What will you give me in return? You'll be my wingman when I'm meeting a beautiful girl? If there's no beauty, you can help me find one I can take home and play with for a while. Ah… ah…!!!"

This time, it's not a cigarette but a dollar coin. This time, it doesn't burn his hand, but it leaves an indent on his face. The wound doesn't look deep, but it's hard to guarantee that a scar won't form.

"Xiao Mingluo, if you're not serious, I'll kill you!" Han Qilu bares his teeth and shoves his friend.

He doesn't dare to tease even a second longer. He squints and says, "My people found out that Nangong is a US national, and he's a black devil."

Han Qilu curses under his breath as he steps forward and grabs Xiao Mingluo's collar before shouting: "You should have fucking told me something this important sooner!"

Xiao Mingluo closes his eyes halfway. "This isn't the main point! Besides, I just found out!"

Han Qilu is so angry, the blue veins on his neck bulge.

A loud noise comes from the music room's entrance. An Chuxia and Ling Hanyu return.

"You… ." An Chuxia, who doesn't know what happened, points at the mark on Xiao Mingluo's face in horror.

The wound from the coin that hit Mingluo's face starts oozing blood, and he is starting to look scary.

CHAPTER 404 Stay Away from Nangong Zifei

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Han Qilu releases his grip on Xiao Mingluo's collar, but remains upset.

The name of the black devil is known amongst bystanders and gangsters. The name's origin is from legends; they are people who murder in the night. Their methods are cruel, like death. That's why their name is associated with the black demon.

Han Qilu naturally knows him as the black demon, but in his head, he thought he'd be a person in his forties, maybe his thirties, but definitely not this young. He is anxious and uneasy in a way he's never felt before.

"What's with the two of you?" An Chuxia asks after she recovers from her shock.

"Nothing!" Xiao Mingluo shakes his head immediately. "We're just talking."

An Chuxia reluctantly sighs. "It's shameful that both of you act like three-year-old kids when you're not. Go and tend to the wound on your face so it doesn't get infected."

Since there is no use arguing with An Chuxia, Xiao Mingluo pulls Ling Hanyu aside and says, "We're headed to the hospital and won't be back till later. Have fun, guys. See you then!"

He's telling them to have a wild time without them.

As their voices fell, the two boys leave without a trace. An Chuxia, helpless, looks at Han Qilu. She tugs on his elbow. "Let's go back."

He doesn't want to return to the party and see Nangong Zifei. He's not afraid of him, but he's afraid he will hurt An Chuxia.

"Don't!" An Chuxia rolls her eyes. "And who are you to say that?"

"Let's go home and sleep, okay?" Han Qilu's tone softens, and is filled with infinite tenderness. "I'm exhausted. I've had a busy day and haven't rested."

An Chuxia moves her lips, but no words escape. Even her feet won't move. Han Qilu smiles and wraps his arm around An Chuxia's right shoulder. They walk out of the music room, and then the Stein College doors. During that short period, many Stein students witness this scene in shock and awe. He ignores the glances.

An Chuxia tries to break away from his grip, but fails. In the end, he tightens his hold on her. She wonders what happened to him today. He is acting very strange.

They reach the Han car. She's about to enter when she realizes Han Qilu has locked her out.

She's about to speak when Han Qilu says from the driver's seat: "Stay away from Nangong Zifei, okay?" He may have said it as a request, but the tone didn't give her the right to say no.

"Why?" An Chuxia can't seem to comprehend. "Are you jealous? I'm only a friend to him."

Han Qilu looks at the right side, and the soft yellow light gently covers An Chuxia's side. Her eyes are sincere and honest.

Of course, he believes her.

Suddenly, the door is unlocked. Despite the confusion, An Chuxia opens the door and gets in.

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