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Chapter 39
CHAPTER 39 Brothers Didn’t Have to Do

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

Pausing, Han Qilu goes on to say, “Really, it’s no big deal. It’s just… that is… An Chuxia refused me.”

The atmosphere suddenly lightens. Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu are relieved Qilu finally says it.

“So you’ve just been rejected. So what?! You see, both of you are just pair of the stupid variety. And you have the audacity to say, what … ‘Shut the f**k up.’ You are too fussy?” Xiao Mingluo says in disdain.

“Is it just because you confessed and An Chuxia refused? Where’s the fire? Really… .” Both his friends express their disappointment.

Suddenly, their emotions start cooling down,

and the atmosphere starts getting weird.

Han Qilu starts a countdown in his heart: three, two, one…



There was silence for three seconds. His friends come over to him. Ling Hanyu suddenly slides from the sofa to the ground.

Han Qilu helplessly sighed and says, “I didn’t think you two would react so… quickly? You don’t date… I know you.”

“We don’t date either.” Ling Hanyu gets up from the ground and sits back next to Han Qilu. “So… don’t hold back on the details of the situation. Let us listen, ah, happily.”

He knew he said the wrong thing. He quickly covers his mouth.

“I just gave her a chance. She moves into our home and

and lives with me. Now I actually want to play with her… Oh, I will not give her a chance! By god, I will never give her a chance. She and I do not mix well.”

“Are you sure she is living in your house just to get close to you?” Xiao Mingluo raises his chin slightly and questions his logic. From what he’s seen, An Chuxia doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who would fall for someone like Han Qilu.

Is this all wrong?

“Then, what other reason is she living here?” Han Qilu throws the question back.

“That… then are you going to ask her to repair your relationship with your lovely

your lovely girlfriend, Mo Xinwei?” Xiao Mingluo asks as he lifts an eyebrow to him. To tell the truth, he isn’t qualified to give an impression of Mo Xinwei. She is rather thick headed, but she and Han Qilu feed on the same arrogance. People like them rely on it.

Han Qilu’s eyes gaze past the the huge windows and out the distant sunny sky.

His mouth twitches a touch of a devil’s smile. “Not only will I have her repair my friendship with Mo Xinwei, I am afraid I will have to trouble her in repairing my other relations with other people…”

“This is not OK, ah, Han Qilu!” Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu chorus.

Xiao Ling Hanyu chorus.

Xiao Mingluo adds, “Your relationship with An Chuxia is what absolutely caused this misunderstanding.”

“Shut up, Xiao Mingluo!” he warns. ” Go, go to Atlantis! Also, do not mention that slut’s name to me! Otherwise, we’re not brothers!”

Finished, he once again puts on a cold face and leaves the hall first.

Atlantis is the largest bar in the city of A, and is owned by the Han Group.

Ling Hanyu looks behind Han Qilu. He then asks Xiao Mingluo, “Why are we doing this? I have a bad feeling… .”

“I feel something bad is going to happen. Forget it… let’s go in first, and do not mention anything referring to An Chuxia,” Xiao Mingluo says helplessly.

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