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T/N: Although Mingluo's surname is Xiao, the xiao referring to Chuxia means little/tiny/young

Translated by newbienoona

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Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

CHAPTER 31 Gray Wolf Example

Xiao Mingluo quickly covers Ling Hanyu’s mouth as he flashes a big smile. “Oh what a sharp tongue! Why do you want to make people angry by using that fiancée lie? If this causes chaos, would you be able to take responsibility for it? Walk away, troublemaker. Go!"

Xiao Mingluo clutched Hanyu's mouth until they get to the garage.

“You crazy?!” Mingluo scolds Ling Hanyu while he spits from the side of his mouth.

Hanyu shrugs, not wanting to acknowledge his wrongdoing. Mingluo takes out a car key and scolds. “How silly are you? Intermittent amnesia ah? Han Qilu warned us this 'thing' is confidential. Why the f**k did you actually say it out loud?!"

Ling Hanyu tilts his head while digesting the scolding. At first, Xiao Mingluo’s words, then Han Qilu's warning, which promptly fills his eyes with fear. Qilu always does what he said he'll do!

“Do not be afraid!” Xiao Mingluo pats his shoulder, his eyes staring with a trace of mercy. “Since when have we actually died as life-long friends? We've died earlier deaths… die!"

Ling Hanyu angrily yanks off Xiao Mingluo's hands and opens the front passenger door. He slides in the front seat with a calm demeanor. Death? He is not afraid! Anyway, even if he died, he'll drag Xiao Mingluo, that bastard!

Xiao Mingluo laughs, bypassing his cool sports car before slipping into the driver’s seat. He starts the engine and in moments, they disappear out of the garage.

Han Qilu stands outside of the Han family residence. As soon as the servant opens the door, Han Qilu carries An Chuxia through the door. Steward Han props the door open, his slightly wrinkled face is filled with surprise.

Wasn't the young master annoyed with Miss An this morning? How is it… .

And so on, and so on, steward Han sees An Chuxia's unusually pale face tightly nestled in Han Qilu's arms.

“What’s the matter?” What happened when he came back in advance? Steward Han looks up and asks nervously.

Han Qilu just a looks at him gloomily, his facial expression, cold.

“Husband, ah, you said An Chuxia and that bastard have not returned? They will be the death of me!” Jiang Yuan says as she stares at the long table with a variety of dishes put out as a spread. She and Han Liuhai haven't touched their chopsticks, deliberately waiting for Chuxia's arrival. It's been half an hour since their summoning. Jiang Yuan can't help but anxiously pace.

In her mental state … she didn't mean to directly address Han Qilu as 'bastard’.

“You shouldn't worry. Maybe the school asked them to study.” Han Liuhai responds to appease Jiang Yuan's mood. “You are hungry. Should we eat?"

Han Liuhai has always been responsive to his wife. He obeys and speaks loudly to her; a trait described as model behavior to his wife's strict standards.

"Are you thinking about An Chuxia? My right eyelid has been twitching, like I feel like something's there. I tell you, Liuhai, Xiao Chuxia is out! I will finish that boy! “Jiang Yuan wrings her hands, obviously referring to Qilu's bullying ways.

To know the Hans, Liu Hai, at work, is well-known as an importan businessman who's seen at the top as beautiful. To rebuke him him angrily without knowing his trials and hardships truly have not seen his true character. However, at home, he is nothing more than a real gray wolf.

Currently, Han Liuhai sees the couple. His facial expression is kind toward toward the young daughter-in-law. Tearless,he dares not to speak. Oh, he is aware of his wife's fondness to marry the child off but his wife doesn't know is An Chuxia's love exceeds that of what Han Qilu can give.

“Master, lady, young master came back!”

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