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Oh, and respond if you agree with me. When the characters say, “the 'existence' of that person” and mention “Qilu’s taboo”, I picture He Who Must Not Be Named. 😀

T/N: Riding the donkey to see the song– (不信我们骑驴看唱本) means to wait and see

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie

Disclaimer: Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me, its contents and characters, are the property of Jin Xia Mo. This is a work of fiction. This is an amateur translation of the novel. Please support this site by reading translations from this page.

Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

CHAPTER 30 Leaked Out

“Han Qilu!” Ling Hanyu points to the expressionless Mo Xinwei and asks, "How about her? Do you want me to put her down and deal with her?"

Han Qilu looks at An Chuxia. He marvels at how she's not quite so stubborn or aggressive as she sleeps. He looks up at Mo Xinwei. His low voice coldly says, “I have no time to deal with her. I have to go back first."

He adjusts his hold on An Chuxia before leaving.

Ling Hanyu releases Mo Xinwei before walking to Xiao Mingluo's side. Mingluo squints as he appears to be in deep thought.

Cradling the ball in one hand, Ling Hanyu looks at Xiao Mingluo. He cocks his neck and asks softly, “Buddy, I know what you're thinking… You're not thinking that Qilu doesn't really like An Chuxia despite … .”

Xiao Mingluo stares at Hanyu and asks without saying, ‘how do you know?'

“Impossible!” Xiao Mingluo opens his mouth to boast. But before any words are spoken, Mo Xinwei comes forward. “I don't care if she gets rescued but why does it have to be him who saves An Chuxia!?"

The two boys glance at her while a blush creeps on her forehead. “I've been here first. Shouldn't An Chuxia wait her turn?"

She doesn't know she lit an unnamed fire immediately. She can't tell her slanderous words against An Chuxia isn't doing her any good. Instead, the boys quickly agree to put an end to her merciless pride.

Despite being angry, she pushes Ying Taoqiu away from her to curb her impulsive nature.

Mo Xinwei takes a deep breath and says, “I can see how An Chuxia can turn your heads. But you two, big masters, seem to forget that I am Han Qilu's decent girlfriend. Although his heart may not completely belong to me, but his heart definitely doesn't belong An Chuxia!"

Ling Hanyu's hand extends in front of Mo Xinwei and breaks her pace. “Do not speak so decisively. You see… Han Qilu took the initiative to hold the girl's heart which you do not have as a decent girlfriend. You haven't been treated like this, right?"

Unexpectedly, Mo Xinwei lashes out in anger. “It's really elegant to forget things. Have you forgotten the 'existence' of that person?"

‘That person’ is Qilu's taboo. No one dares mention 'her' in front of him. Even behind his back, few people dare mention "that person's" name. Because if it is mentioned… an ugly death comes out of it!

Surprised for a moment, Ling Hanyu turns to look at Xiao Mingluo who seems to look indifferent. He wonders whether his friend sees everything or pretends to not be bothered.

Aware of Ling Hanyu's stare, Xiao Mingluo evokes an evil smile. “That person has become the past. An Chuxia is Han Qilu's favorite. You don't believe? Ride the donkey to see the song."

“That is, but what is the meaning behind the donkey?"

Ling Hanyu's mouth twitches. He doesn't feel he is dignified to answer her low IQ question.

Bored, Ling Hanyu suddenly feels hungry. So once again, he approaches Xiao Mingluo and asks, “Are we going to Qilu's for food?"

Twisting the ring on his finger, Xiao Mingluo nods and says, “Good idea!"

“And so on!” Mo Xinwei steps in front of them and stops them on their way. She looks at them eagerly and carefully asks, “An Chuxia… She doesn't live with Han Qilu?"

Ling Hanyu proudly raises his chin, squints at Mo Xinwei and responds, “Looks like you do not understand the situation? An Chuxia is nothing but Han Qilu fiancée, understand?"

Xiao Mingluo suddenly eyes Ling Hanyu. Han Qilu's words hover in his ear.

—Oh sh*t! This thing should be kept secret! If it leaks out… I won't let you two eat sideways!

“What did you say?” Mo Xinwei's painted eyeliner looks great as her eyes open wide in surprise.

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