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CHAPTER 269 I Like People Who Are Safe in the Beginning

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Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

"Is this how it is? An Chuxia, how did she and young master Xiao get so close? Look at them, they look intimate, ah… ." A girl can't help but stand aside with the other students.

Surprised, another student shakes his head in confusion. "They do look attractive, but maybe they just have a good, friendly relationship!"

"But no matter how good the friendship is, you can't walk side by side like a couple."

"I won't… ." More and more people start discussing the matter. "An Chuxia and young master Han Qilu broke up. Maybe she's with master Xiao now."

"How can you say that! I don't know if you've heard yet, but young master Han Qilu has a real fiancee. She's that girl in young master's class. She's cute too."

"I heard of it…. I thought it was a rumor. I guess it's true."

"Gee, so An Chuxia is just pathetic, right? If that's the case, then what's Mo Xinwei's position now that the real girlfriend has shown up?

Gossip happens daily, but today, it's worse. Countless discussions have fallen on An Chuxia's deaf ears. She has finally arrived at the school gate, and she inadvertently glances over to the Han's car parked about three meters away.

Despite being separated by black, one-way, tinted windows, she's able to feel the projection of two eyes penetrating through her.

"Master Xiao!" A familiar voice reverberates in her ear. An Chuxia looks at the direction of the voice to catch a glimpse of Ou Xi. She was, at first, puzzled to see An Chuxia. Then she frowns when she sees Xiao Mingluo draping his arm around her.

"You two… ." What she meant is clear, but Xiao Mingluo looks at her leisurely.

Ou Yang runs after Ou Xi. She may be out of breath, but she, too, is taken by surprise by the intimacy between the couple.

"As I said, I like you, but I won't break up with my An Chuxia."

The shock on their faces suddenly makes An Chuxia feel guilty. She regrets agreeing to play this role. She can't be the devil in this role!

"Master Xiao, you're kidding me, right?" Ou Xi smiles as she asks, but tears are starting to roll down like big stars down her cheek.

Xiao Mingluo tightens his grip around Chuxia's shoulder, securing her next to him so she won't blurt out the truth.

She begins to wail, and Xiao Mingluo just stares, answering her with a smile. Chuxia tightly clenches her teeth, while she looks away.

Ou Xi stands behind Ou Yang. Her sister is very insightful. She saw through Xiao Mingluo. She makes eye contact with An Chuxia and realizes the truth. She steps forward, clinging on to Ou Xi. "Ou Yang, let's go."

"No!" Ou Xi says forcefully, pushing her sister to the ground.

CHAPTER 270 Angry Tyrant

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

"Hiss! That hurts!" A thin layer of mist glosses over the once calm eyes. Ou Yang fights back the pain as she stands up. Suddenly, a pair of slender hands appear before her.

Blinking involuntarily, the mist in her eyes disperse. Ou Yang realizes that the outstretched hands belong to An Chuxia. Her eyes seem to be hiding something, but she remains restrained.

"You… ?" Ou Yang is puzzled. She tilts her head as she grabs An Chuxia's wrists so she can get up. An Chuxia points to a direction to Ou Yang and whispers, "She should be there, around the park. If you run quickly… ."

An Chuxia pauses to stare at Ou Yang. Her heart flutters as she looks into her eyes.

Last time Ou Yang saw An Chuxia was when she tricked her to get herself in Atlantis. This time, she realizes she is more beautiful than the first time they met. This is the last time she will scrutinize An Chuxia.

She straightens her trembling, thin shoulders. "This is the last time I say thank you."

Ou Yang nods before laughing. "Ou Xi is childish. You don't have to worry about her. I will get her."

Once again, she faces An Chuxia, and runs into the College. In fact, Ou Xi has always been a good girl. She's just blinded easily by what she sees. As her sister, it is her job to pick up the pieces and accept the truth.

She hears her sister quietly licking her wounds. Ou Yang quickly leaves An Chuxia's eyesight.

Seeing Ou Yang's reaction, An Chuxia is finally satisfied. See, Ou Yang and Ou Xi shouldn't hate her, but be grateful for what she's done. She sincerely hopes Ou Yang and Ou Xi forget Xiao Mingluo and start afresh.

Before she says something, her eyes suddenly pause.

"Do you like that person… that girl?" Yes, it's Han Qilu's voice. He was observing them from the very start, but he suppressed the urge to approach them. But after seeing An Chuxia help the girl who fell and run away, he can no longer remain calm, and had to open the door and get out.

Although the words were meant for Xiao Mingluo to hear, his cold eyes remain locked on An Chuxia's body. Like an eagle with sharp eyes, he strips her bare of her life.

The students around them are sensible enough to leave the school gates. A few curious ones remain, but they stand there, secretly, trying to watch the events unfold.

Oh angry tyrant… Buddha, God forbid, may peace fall in this world.

Finally, Xiao Mingluo breathes. His heart is full of emotion. He thought he had to wait until An Chuxia is safe. He didn't expect that security wouldn't be needed!

But this wasn't how he thought Han Qilu would react in regard to An Chuxia. So was he supposed to spread such rumors? Damn, so much confusion!

Frowning slightly, he felt no matter how confusing the situation is, the facade must go on.

So, do you think Xiao Mingluo accomplished his mission? Do you think An Chuxia will be safe after Qilu heard the gossip and witnessed her play Mingluo's girlfriend? Are you happy Basa Li isn't in these 2 chapters? Have a good weekend, readers!

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