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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 271 I'm Hungry

? Here's your chance, peeps! Meraki has a little special event you can participate in. Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TL: Apricot wall and riding two boats refers to cheating

"Han Qilu, are you just pretending you understand what's happening? You say you have a foreigner as a fiancee, but do you remember our xiao Xia, ah? This isn't a toilet you can come and shit at?" What he's saying will get him killed, but he's already marched to the beat of his own drum.

In the event that Han Qilu is cross, wouldn't his fate in life have more meaning? As the saying goes: life is precious… ah.

"Xiao Mingluo?" An Chuxia calls Mingluo out. What is he saying? He's already gotten rid of the two girls. Why is he still pretending he likes her?

Suddenly, Mingluo's heart sighs. Shouldn't she be excited he's helping her and Han Qilu?

"Do you like her?" Han Qilu finally talks about An Chuxia. He was concerned about her the last time she was on the balcony. But now… are all women the same, like the apricot wall, or riding two boats?

In his heart, he's convinced An Chuxia isn't this kind of person. There's no reason to believe, and yet, he can't bring himself to forget what happened.

A boy his arm around her shoulders so intimately, and she's still able to laugh. It seems like… she enjoyed it.

The temperature around them plummets. The rest of the students disperse. Their lives aren't worth sticking around to satisfy their curiosity!

"I was asking you." He doesn't respond, and Qilu impatiently asks again.

Xiao Mingluo is tired and rubs his temples. An Chuxia looks at him from head to toe, and it gives him goosebumps. He looks at Han Qilu and An Chuxia. This pair is simply created to give him the evil eye. Terrible!

"Don't do something this stupid again. Next time, I won't be part of your deception." With dead silence, Xiao Mingluo regards this situation as finished. Again, the hair on his arms raise, and sure enough, his thoughts can't escape her eyes… .

Pretending to be bored, he shrugs. "Wasn't I here for you? Forget it… wait for your peace. [When you find it] I'll be charging a fee."

That's right! In fact he did this because he doesn't have money! His father recently froze his bank card because he's been getting mouthy recently. So he can start with the rich Han Qilu… .

Ugh, besides, it's half past one and he's hungry!

His eyes widen. He turns to leave and says, "Han Qilu, what you saw was an illusion. There's nothing to see."

An Chuxia finally remembers. He has to shut up and leave.

Han Qilu stands still, completely not understanding what transpired between An Chuxia and Xiao Mingluo. Were those words spoken for her benefit, or does Luo really like her?

Just the thought makes his chest burn, and the only way to relieve it would be to burn everything around him.

Seeing Han Qilu stubbornly staring at her, An Chuxia sighs in reluctance. "Come on, I'm starving."

CHAPTER 272 Well, He's Yours

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks and greenapple

However, Han Qilu wanted her to explain herself. Grabbing her wrist, he pulls her back. An Chuxia looks up, and glares at him angrily.

Then with a startled heart, she averts her gaze and whispers, "There's nothing to explain because nothing happened."

"Oh?" Han Qilu replies coldly, "So, you mean, you wanted something to happen?"

An Chuxia's eyes couldn't help but show a glimmer of fear as she raises her eyes back to him. Her lips slightly part, like she's about to say something, but Han Qilu grabs her and reminds her coldly, "Don't forget who you are!"

Her identity? She's taken aback. What does he mean by her identity? As his fiancee? Oh… .

Her eyes flash a glint of humor, as her lips spread into a smile. Fiancee, right? Han Qilu's expression quickly hardens. She follows his gaze, and she sees Basa Li emerge from the back of the car before coming to a halt in front of Qilu.

As she looks closely, she notices displeasure all over Basa Li's face. She's filled with jealousy, and it seems like she wants to eat her alive.

But she's fearless. Her smile deepens. Again, she looks up into Han Qilu's eyes, but she catches him staring at her first. It is timely as she returns his words: "Han Qilu, don't forget your identity."

Chuxia approaches Basa Li before giving her a cursory glance.

As she passes by, Basa Li clearly says to her, "An Chuxia, Han Qilu is mine!"

This sentence is so common, even Mo Xinwei has said it to her.

'Even if you use this method, you can't expect to win Han Qilu's heart! Because… he's mine!'

Surely, they're all the same. They aren't that creative. If they just put a little bit more effort, their hearts would be able to afford it. But it doesn't matter… none of it matters to her.

An Chuxia pauses momentarily before flashing a brilliant smile at Basa Li. She lowers her voice to a whisper so that only Basa Li can hear. "Well, he's yours."

Satisfied? She curls her lip, before sitting at the back seat of the car.

"Madame, don't mind her. Madame said… Miss Basa Li will be leaving sooner or later. And she also passes along that you've been wronged recently." He means to say Jiang Yuan stands on her side.

An Chuxia looks at the steward, but she doesn't reply. She just looks down at her fingers.

She ponders in her heart whether she should tell Jiang Yuan to wait for her even though she plans to leave the Han household once she earns enough money, even with Basa Li gone.

She begins to hesitate. How can she change so quickly? She used to be so strong.

At the same time, Basa Li quickly walks toward Han Qilu and says with a sad face, "Han Qilu, who is she to have people wait on her? And why did you just leave me back there? I'm your… ."

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