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Image courtesy of Facebook/Weibo CHAPTER 253 What Remains Unseen is Deemed to be Clean

Translated by nightcache

Edited and translated by anks

TL: 妖女 – beautiful woman

Undeniably, it is Basa Li observing her, slightly squinting, and examining herself. Her complexion still doesn't improve. Meng Xiaonan bites her lip, and nod respectfully at Basa Li. However, Basa Li arrogantly moves her gaze away.

Although Meng Xiaonan is usually slow and short-circuited, she is rather sharp in urgent scenarios like this. In a matter of seconds, the pair of cute, single-lid eyes senses there's something between Basa Li and An Chuxia that she's not aware of.

The only thing she is certain of is that this Basa Li is not something special! It is a loss now that she once thought of her of being breathtaking at first sight. At that time, she was bonehead for being bewitched by that beautiful woman*.

"Jiangnan student?" The headmaster breaks her out of her daze.

Meng Xiaonan hastily nods to the headmaster. "Alright, headmaster. I will immediately go to the office. How about you go ahead? I need to settle some matters and will come quickly."

"Do you know where to go?" The headmaster raises an eyebrow. "Don't get lost when you're getting there. There are several instances of new students at Stein Royal College getting lost, and today's a crucial day since it's the national exam. I don't want to have any mishaps."

In fact, what the headmaster just said is reasonable. The uneasiness still remains, no matter how she listens to the advice. She cursorily replies, "I know the directions… if I don't know something, I can just ask someone who knows the way to take me there.”

The headmaster doesn't say anymore after listening to her, and turns to walk away. However, after a few steps, he abruptly pauses, turns, and indicates to Basa Li who is standing at the entrance. "Then hurry up, I will let Basa Li accompany you. Perhaps, both of you can take a walk around Stein's campus. However, during the duration of the national exam, you cannot come near the school building."

Nodding slightly, the headmaster finally sets his mind at ease and says to Basa Li before leaving, "Then I must trouble you. Since I already gave you a tour around the school, it is improbable that you should feel lost?"

Basa Li sweetly smiles and replies in her rigid Chinese. "Yes, please go ahead and attend the education meeting without worry."

After sending the headmaster away, Basa Li turns to Meng Xiaonan, "Classmate, then hurry up, I will be waiting for you outside." The latter watches her finish and steps to the side, her figure disappearing. Suppressing a pit full of anger, she swears to not keep staring. There is an old Chinese saying: 'What remains unseen is deemed to be clean!' In this midst, she notices An Chuxia.

Meng Xiao approaches An Chuxia, leans in to her ear and whispers, "Boss, don't you like Basa Li?"

An Chuxia's back stiffens, standing up straighter, her mouth sets in attractive contempt. "She, ah… to precisely say, she is my benefactor, who enabled me to finally leave the Han house, and move to the Ling house. Even though I don't exactly like her, i don't find her loathsome either."

After all, Basa Li, indeed has slightly played a part in assisting her to leave the Han house, despite… the single trace of reluctance in her heart.

"Leave the house?" Meng Xiaonan's eyes widen. "When did you move houses? Why did you need to move? Is that foreign thing standing at the entrance the reason?"

(TL: That's sound wrong to called someone a thing (the actual translation is goods), but I guess you should consider this a secret talk.)

An Chuxia cannot help but chuckle at Meng Xiaonan's three characters, "foreign thing", before answering, "I don’t want to hide this, but she’s Han Qilu’s real fiancée. You, probably already know this? Anyway, when I sit for the national exam, you absolutely cannot create any conflict with her. Don't cause any trouble for me, understand?"

CHAPTER 254 What Stuff!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by anks

TL: puts these words in the sky– disregards the warning/what is said

Frowning, she nods and walks out of the classroom in a trance. She sees Basa Li on the other end of the corridor. Still dazed, she walks over slowly. Knowing An Chuxia, her stomach has to be turning, but she wants to reassure her. Look out, Han Qilu, the boss doesn't really like you, maybe even hate you… .

"Hello, my name is… Meng Xiaonan." Her mouth displays a weird smile.

During the exam, you absolutely can't have any conflict with her. Don't give me grief, do you understand?

An Chuxia's words echo in her mind, and yet, Meng Xiaonan puts these words in the sky. Personally, she's not afraid of trouble, but she's afraid she won't get into trouble!

At first, Basa Li didn't want to be bothered by Meng Xiaonan. But the girl is also a new transfer student, and she seems to be friendly with An Chuxia. Maybe she can use her. After all, she isn't familiar with the rest of the Stein students, other than Han Qilu. If An Chuxia's sister can be turned into a friend, then… .

After such a thought, Basa Li flashes a Lolita smile, and walks toward her, hugging Meng Xiaonan's arm affectionately. "My name is Basa Li. About that day, I've written it off, and I hope we won't mention it again. I also hope we can be good friends."

Meng Xiaonan stares and smiles at Basa Li. "You're so beautiful, you're really willing to be good friends with me? And that day you slapped An Chuxia on the face?" Her heart has started cursing eight generations of Basa Li's lineage. What the hell!~

Nodding heavily, Basa Li intimately tugs Xiaonan's hand and leads her to the end of the corridor and down the steps. Using her stilted Chinese, she explains that fateful day was a misunderstanding. She attempts to ask where Xiaonan lives. Of course, Basa doesn't reveal her address. She just says she has come to A City, and hasn't found a good place to live, so she's currently living with her aunt.

So Basa Li wouldn't say where she lives. After leaving the teacher's building, they bump into Han Qilu. Basa hurriedly sidles up to Han Qilu and wraps her arms around his and says, "Han Qilu, where should we eat lunch? I heard there's a Japanese restaurant nearby that's very good."

Ling Hanyu doesn't wait for Han Qilu to respond. "We hate that restaurant. The food's unpalatable!" Xiao Mingluo adds, "If you want to try it out, you can go by yourself."

After listening to them whine, a heavy line crosses Basa Li's face. Her lips move, but she doesn't know what to say. She clings tightly to Han Qilu's arm and doesn't let go of him.

Han Qilu is about to shove Basa Li away from him when he suddenly looks up and sees the bold, "adorable" Meng Xiaonan. She… looks familiar. Where has he seen her?

He concentrates until an image flashes in his mind. Is that her? The girl he saw at the high school with An Chuxia? He looks at her from head to toe. He's sure she's the virginal girl he saw with the "Butterfly". And that day in the square, she stood with An Chuxia.

"Hey, beautiful, how come I've not seen you before?" Xiao Mingluo walks up to her with a glint in his eye. He takes a few steps toward her, and grasps her shoulders. "Hello, my name's Xiao Mingluo."

Meng Xiaonan is about to respond when she sees Han Qilu stare at her. Darkly… .

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