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Zhang Jiong Min image courtesy of Dorama TV CHAPTER 255 He Has Changed

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by anks

"You… ." There's doubt in his tone.

"Hello! Aren't you young master Qilu? I thought the girls in my class were exaggerating, but you're really handsome! I wasn't able to say hello to you yesterday. Now that I've transferred to Stein, please take care of me," Meng Xiaonan interrupts him quickly by making her introductions in a single breath before chuckling nervously.

Seeing her eyes turn dark, Han Qilu realizes something is off. It seems she's trying hard to hide something. He knows she and Chuxia are good friends, but why is she close to Basa Li? If he recalls correctly, Basa just intimately grabbed his arm.

And he knows An Chuxia isn't fond of Basa Li. So this girl… his thoughts fill his heart. If he guessed correctly, this girl wants to watch out for An Chuxia's interest. However, it's not the solution to keep friendly relations with Basa. She isn't stupid… "Let go!" He gazes at the girl beside him. His voice is cold, unconsciously wavering.

"But where are we having lunch? If you don't want to eat at the Japanese restaurant, then we… ."

"I'll be eating at home. You… you can do what you please." It's an understatement. He wants to slap her hand away but she clings to him so tightly, he can feel the softness of her chest. However, he doesn't feel any excitement. Instead, he's nauseated and impatient.

"Do I make you so uncomfortable that you're distancing yourself from me?"

Meng Xiaonan acknowledges Mingluo with a smile. From her experience, rich, handsome guys live in a bubble. They spend their days loving someone, and they bury themselves in their own worlds. She must provoke these kind of people. Otherwise, she won't rise up!

A half grin breaks upon his face. There's no way this girl is looking his way! Could it be she's only interested in Qilu? This ordinary girl in front of them won't be able to resist them, but she's… interesting! She's a lot like An Chuxia. With her coming to mind, he awakens from his day dream and looks at Basa Li. With the real fiancee being here, he doesn't know how to react… .

With his big hand, Han Qilu grabs hers. "Let go!" Han Qilu says mercilessly, shaking off her grip vigorously. She falls to the ground as he strides up the stairs.

No one should see his white knuckles. It takes a lot of self-control not to kill this woman! Once he lays his hands on her, the company would fail in securing the contract. If the contract isn't signed, the powerful Han Group's reputation would be damaged since the merger involves the Government Building in the downtown area, and it will gain attention from the government, the media, and as well as the citizens. The Han Group has achieved much in each generation, and that can't be destroyed because of him.

Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu glance at each other, tacitly walking toward Basa Li, and gently propping her up. Mingluo puts on his angelic smile and bows his head to her. "I'm sorry. Han Qilu, this kid, occasionally bullies girls. Actually, he… we all know, has changed!"

CHAPTER 256 Both of You, Get Lost

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and translated by anks and greenapple

Meng Xiaonan smirks at the underhanded statement aimed at the foreigner. Puff! She laughs out loud. The school tyrant is like a military officer with soldiers. They are believed to be perverted, aside from shocking. But this Xiao Mingluo is quite bold and fearless.

However, someone thinks otherwise! Upon standing, Basa Li overhears Xiao Mingluo say Han Qilu is perverted, and she needs to forgive his cussing. She won't allow anyone to scold her fiance. She pushes Ling Hanyu and Mingluo away. "Both of you, get lost! I won't allow anyone to say bad things about Han Qilu!"

Basa Li blinks in surprise when a row of men in uniform appear from thin air, holding AK47s. Kuni stands in front of her, brandishing a dazzling revolver.

She takes a step back when she sees them. "You… you?" She doesn't know who these people are, and they frighten her. Despite being scared, Meng Xiaonan quickly figures out the uniformed men are Ling Hanyu's bodyguards or something similar to that. Fun! This has turned into a good show.

Ling Hanyu doesn't care about looking good in front of this girl. He shrugs, indifferent to her. "I'm sorry. You have to be more careful. You pushed me. Naturally, they won't be kind to you. By the way, my men don't listen much to me. Even if I tell them not to shoot, they'll do things against my bidding."

His face… That innocent smile makes Basa Li unconsciously pull on her hair. Pretending to be strong, she calmly raises her chin. She was about to make a statement when Han Qilu says something from the stairs. "You two, the exams are about to start. What are you doing?"

It is implied that they're to be left alone. Ling Hanyu feels awkward, but then, Basa looks dissatisfied. And so is Han Qilu. He has to make a choice.

Then… he sees An Chuxia. Suddenly, it seems there isn't any need to choose. Why is he so excited? He curls his lip and glances at Basa Li one last time before going up the stairs. As for Xiao Mingluo, he always sides with self-preservation. He touches his nose before bounding up the steps. He looks back at Meng Xiaonan and throws her a wink. He sees her eyes jump in surprise. She almost spits on the spot.

"Han Qilu, they… ." Faced with so many muzzles, she can't gather the courage to ask Qilu for help. She doesn't dare to move half a step. It's more than likely human nature forcing her to be afraid of death.

Kuni looks sharply at Basa Li before glancing up to Han Qilu. He has heard of the boy, and he knows the Ling family reveres the Hans; he knows they're a family to be afraid of. For a moment, a layer of fine sweat covers Kuni's forehead.

What frightful eyes! The eyes may be very beautiful and clear, but one must be careful when looking at them. Otherwise, the deep evil hiding behind the calm eyes won't be noticed.

Kuni reluctantly looks away from Han Qilu after he nods to him. With a commanding voice, he says, "Disappear."

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