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Image courtesy of  Tencent Video CHAPTER 233 Apologize to Her

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Jiang Yuan said too much, but her words reassure An Chuxia. However, she dares not intervene. She finally looks up at Basa's red eyes and smirks. "I wish you success, Han. Ma, I'm retiring to your writing room."

"Go. Mommy will make you a cup of coffee." She smiles softly at Chuxia as she watches her ascend to the writing room. As soon as she leaves, Jiang Yuan's expression changes. Rigidly, she says, "Steward Han, prepare this lady's room, one that's not inconvenient. Any room will do since she won't be staying long."

Steward Han gauges the charged atmosphere. He walks to the door to collect Basa Li's belongings and take it up the stairs. If his opinion is solicited, he'd definitely select An Chuxia as the young mistress because he doesn't see Basa Li as a suitable companion. Alas, he's a man whose opinions can't be articulated. He has to bow to work.

"Ma, apologize to her." Han Qilu follows Jiang Yuan to the kitchen as she brews coffee. Their partnership is linked to Han Group's reputation and treating Basa Li badly is something he can't do. But as long as the contract is being negotiated, he can stand treating her nicely until she leaves.

Basa Li's eyes flash with a glimmer of joy. Sidling up to Han Qilu, she extends her hand and rests it on Jiang Yuan. "I know we don't have a relationship, auntie. You may not know me well, but slowly… ."

"What did you say?" Jiang Yuan shoves Basa Li's hand away and walks to the kitchen. She doesn't want to take advantage of the maids, especially when she doesn't want to deal with Basa Li.

Han Qilu didn't expect this outcome. He glances toward the writing room. Han Qilu reaches out for Basa Li's hand and urges her to go upstairs. "I'll take you to my room. My mother has a childish temper, but you'll get used to it."

Basa Li immediately nods. "I don't mind. How can I be angry with auntie? Anyway, my mother, who's in Japan, will always love me."

He's indifferent to her words. Although he's holding Basa Li's hand, his thoughts are on An Chuxia and her apathetic disposition. Is she really that indifferent to Basa Li?

 As they reach the second floor, he looks at her with cold eyes. They stand between two doors. He opens the door to his room unwillingly and shows it to Basa Li. "This is my room."

Suddenly, his thoughts are filled with memories of the day An Chuxia's nightgown ripped, and his towel accidentally came undone. Both of them lay in that precarious position. His vision couldn't help but become blurry. He knows she saw [it]. He grins. Then, he abruptly stops daydreaming the moment Basa Li speaks.

"Whose room is this? I want this room!" Han Qilu quickly walks past Basa Li as she attempts to enter An Chuxia's room. Stoically, he abruptly snatches her hand from the doorknob. He unceremoniously shuts the door close.

"What's wrong?" Feeling wronged, she stares at poor Han Qilu.

CHAPTER 234 I Will Try for You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Guessing from Han Qilu's reaction, this must be the girl's room. She can also gauge that more or less, this girl is particularly special to him.

No matter how hard she'll try, he will only show her his poker face: one that's icy even when he's smiling. But for that girl, his eyes flash without him even knowing.

Her father said she and Han Qilu are betrothed despite not being married. She likes the fact they are similar. But she has seen the picture of Qilu and that girl kissing on the newspaper. Now, she is unwilling to abdicate her position, and will ask her father to allow her to stay at the Hans.

Since her father has brought the marriage contract to light last year, she has to live up to her Father's agreement. No matter what, she also wants to win Han Qilu's heart too!

"Not possible. Choose the room with a bar." Han Qilu manages his expression and flashes her a hostile look. "Try and stay away from An Chuxia. It would be best for everyone involved."

Surprised, she looks around before resting her eyes on him, smiling. "So, can I live next door to you?"

He slightly nods. He can't help but say, "As I've said, even if you live here for a month, I can't fall in love with you."

She looks at him firmly. "You can't predict the final outcome. I am ambitious, and I want to win. I won't regret what happens. At least, I've put in the effort to win your heart."

For a moment, he mistakes Basa for An Chuxia. She's similarly stubborn. Unexpectedly, Basa Li tiptoes and laces her arms around his neck. She presses her warm lips against his cool ones.

Plop! Something solid falls on the floor. Han Qilu immediately pushes Basa Li away and looks behind her. An Chuxia hurriedly bends over to pick up her phone. He rushes to pick up her device and hands it to her.

As their hands grab the phone, he has no intention of letting it go.

An Chuxia can't help but raise her gaze from his hand and quietly whispers, "Why won't you let go?"

If she knew retrieving her notebook would lead her to witnessing them kiss, she would've stayed away. But why does she feel so heartbroken? The only other time she felt like this was on her mother's death.

"It seems you've forgotten."

This time, he lets go. An Chuxia secures the phone successfully, but remains puzzled. "What do you mean?"

He raises his chin and smiles. "You borrowed my phone so you can play a game. It's such a headache that you've not returned it. Is it in your room? I'll go and get it."

Phone? An Chuxia's eyes widen. She's doomed! She forgot to charge his phone and swap out the wallpaper! What's she supposed to do now? No! She can't let him see it. Otherwise, he'll kill her!

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