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Image courtesy of Weibo/Google Image CHAPTER 223 Enemies Often Cross Each Other's Paths, Part 2

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

"An Chuxia, is the relationship between you and Hanyu that good?" Han Qilu's voice is like a cold wind blowing behind her. She couldn't help but shiver.

Ling Hanyu's lips lift into a smile the moment he hears Han Qilu. He raises his hand and gently pulls her hand down from his shoulder. Both of them turn around. His eyes light up as he says, "Han Qilu."

Steward Han hurries next to Han Qilu's side and bows slightly toward him. "Young master."

The meeting wasn't a coincidence. It's ape excrement. Earlier this morning, Han Liuhai instructed the butler to tell Han Qilu he must accompany a very important client in A City.

The World Trade building is in the heart of the city, and the client wanted to visit the area. Steward Han didn't have the opportunity to tell An Chuxia. She kept on talking about an open society. Now, this situation presents itself… He can summarize the final analysis in a few words: kids behaving badly.

"How did you get here?" An Chuxia looks at him doubtfully. In her mind, she recalls the statement she just made: Despite enemies constantly crossing each other's paths, you can't be so narrow-minded to avoid them. Isn't this equivalent to throwing a stone at one's feet? Damn it! The enemy's road is quite narrow! She wants to keep this in mind but how did he get here? Did he follow her? Wouldn't that be stalking?

The adorable Xiaonan stands behind An Chuxia, anticipating what would happen next. An Chuxia's fiance is angry with laoda and she wants to pull her behind her. However, the good-looking laoda might severely beat the young master. Oh, this event is explosive and she likes it a lot!

"Can't I be here?" Han Qilu stares coldly at An Chuxia. "It seems like you're too happy playing, huh?"

She doesn't know why she feels as if she was caught in bed, cheating. Can it be that Han Qilu is actually jealous? As she blinks, she wants to say, "It's not what you think!" However, her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a girl's voice, floating in her ear.

"Han Qilu! This is really delicious!" A girl wearing a blue polkdot dress stands right next to Han Qilu. She holds a huge pink cotton candy in her hand. The girl has golden-colored blond hair. Her eyes are big and shiny… like a cute Barbie doll. Anyone can tell she is not 'made in China'.

The steward quickly remembers the identity of the young lady beside the master. She is the young daughter of the president the Han Group is currently working with, Miss Basa Li. He says respectfully, "Miss Basa Li."

The temperature drops sharply around the group. There's a brewing thunder surrounding the boyish features of the young Ling Hanyu, and a frosty allure forms around An Chuxia. It's easy to confirm they don't paint a harmonious picture.

"Who are you?" Miss Basa Li blinks her eyes as one hand holds on the cotton candy, while the other, intimately clings on to Han Qilu's left arm. She came to China to accompany her father while they discuss a collaboration. However, she eventually got bored and wanted to go for a walk. Her father proposed to have the president's son accompany her. She was very upset. She wanted to go shopping. However, the moment she saw Han Qilu, she changed her mind.

CHAPTER 224 To Call You a Dog is a Praise

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

Steward Han was about to answer when Han Qilu turns his head toward Basa Li and says, "He's our butler. As for them, they are… acquaintances."

Hanyu's thunderous glare completely changes to confusion when he's labeled "an acquaintance". He turns to look at An Chuxia. Her delicate appearance turns pale– which is nothing unusual. But in this instance, it's abnormal!

It is obvious there's no love lost between the fiance and the fiancee. However, shouldn't there be a modicum of respect? Meng Xiaonan's image of Qilu shifts from high to low immediately. It is believed being a rich young master is a virtue. Fine, from this moment on, she'll try hard to be like Han Qilu!

However, this is a bitter pill to swallow! Why is this Basa Li slut so close to her friend's fiance?

"How are you, Miss Basa Li? Is your name really Basa Li? It sounds quite familiar. I think I've heard of it." Meng Xiaonan raises her hand and touches her chin as she concentrates. Suddenly, she raises her hand and points out to Basa Li with her extended index finger. "My neighbor's dog's name is Basa Li!"

Poof! An Chuxia couldn't withhold her burst of laughter. She looks up just in time to see Basa Li quickly walk over in her high heels. She was about to apologize for Xiaonan when Basa Li faces her friend and slaps her on the face.

Slap!… she was slapped! Since entering the Han household, being slapped on the face is not uncommon. But her friend, Xiaonan, is being abused!

"Hey, why are you hitting her?" An Chuxia steps up to Basa Li, her eyes full of rage. Before her mother's passing, Xiaonan has always been treated like a daughter, and to Chuxia, a sister. Now that her mother is gone, it is her natural instinct to protect her only relative.

Ling Hanyu crossed his arms as he witnesses the whole event. From time to time, he looks at Han Qilu's face. His gaze was always on An Chuxia. It's like his sharp gaze was waiting for something to happen. Since Han Qilu didn't halt the altercation, steward Han doesn't dare interfere.

"Why? She just compared me to a dog!" Basa Li was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. People, like her, are cynical. Naturally, it is in their nature to be easily prone to violence and beat other people.

She perceives herself as a great lady, and one who should be accompanied by male friends. She doesn't need to take their stature into account of their stature.

An Chuxia sneers as she looks Basa Li in the eye. "Slut, I'm telling you, no one is allowed to hit her. She compared you to a dog? That's not verbal abuse. That's praising you! Do you think you're more noble than a dog?"

Although she has the upper hand, An Chuxia holds herself back from punching her. She probably wouldn't have hesitated if it weren't for steward Han telling her to be noble and respectful to people despite some people not deserving it. If her impulsive nature takes over, it might affect the Han corporation. She won't be able to live with herself if that happened.

"You… you're too much!" Basa Li's Chinese was poor. She doesn’t know how to curse them out. Trying to understand Meng Xiaonan and An Chuxia has already taxed her to the limit. Gasping, she raises her right hand again.

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