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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 225 Not Familiar with Mad Dogs

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

An Chuxia stands there quietly, waiting for Basa Li's hand to land on her. After that, everything will be elementary. She'll just react. She doesn't have to initiate the violence to say it isn't her fault.

On the contrary, Xiaonan's anxious since she got An Chuxia in trouble. She didn't mean what she said, but An Chuxia anticipated the next move. She's just biding her time until she gets hit.

Just as Qilu is about to step in, Ling Hanyu rushes over and seizes Basa Li's wrist. "Miss, a lady never hits people."

After that, he winks at her harmlessly. "Look at my face, then please, cancel the fire and don't make things worse for everyone. After all, we are nothing but acquaintances." He references Qilu's statement to Basa Li.

At the mention of Han Qilu's name, Basa Li's face changes. She quickly snatches her arm away from Hanyu and mercilessly stares down Xiaonan. "That's right. I would never arbitrarily bite people like a mad dog."

How does that proverb go? Scribes can kill without speaking! Despite the insult being targeted at Xiaonan, An Chuxia takes it as a statement against her. As soon as Basa Li turns around, she stretches out her left hand. She grabs Basa Li's wrist and pulls it down. Suddenly, Basa Li's white cheek immediately shows a crimson hand print.

"It is truly praising you to compare you to a dog. However, a slut is still a slut." She pushes Basa Li's right shoulder. She starts staggering on her high heels. If it weren't for Han Qilu stepping forward to steady her, she would've fallen to the ground.

"Young master Han, she… ."

"Well, we generally don't know how mad dogs communicate." Han Qilu faintly glances at Basa Li before distancing himself from her. As soon as An Chuxia passes, Basa Li solidly hits her.

He raises his eyes to see who between the two is represents the slut or the classy one. He wishes a dismemberment of a thousand segments!

An Chuxia bites the inside of her cheek to stave off a migraine. She stares at Ling Hanyu. "Ling Hanyu-ge, Han Qilu is cheap… ." She sees the steward look embarrassed as he watches from the side. She really wants to ask Ling Hanyu if Han Qilu is also a slut. In the end, how many women is he marrying?

"Is it over?" Meng Xiaonan dares not to open her eyes. She looks at the ground and tries to find a stone to throw toward their general direction. Alas, there's none to be found.

"Now that I've given you the card, I'm leaving. Don't forget about tonight." He pats her shoulder gently. "Don't think too much about this. She is a member of the collaborative group attached to the Han Corporation. Otherwise, Han Qilu won't… ."

An Chuxia waves her hand to stop Hanyu from talking. "Why should I be worried about it? Laodge, go back to your comics. Go."

Just kidding! She is so angry with the slut she wants her to disappear with her own group. Why can't she just smarten up and get along with her? As Ling Hanyu leaves, she and Meng Xiaonan avoid taking a walk through the busy streets. Instead, they silently walk together where it's more quiet.

"I'm sorry." Meng Xiaonan suddenly stops and looks at Chuxia. "My impulsive nature got you in trouble."

An Chuxia shrugs indifferently. "I don't want to hear you say I'm sorry. Every time you say it, I get anxious. We're good friends to each other. But like Han Qilu said, there are some people who can't seem to communicate."

CHAPTER 226 Don't Be Serious

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

Meng Xiaonan nods her head in agreement. She glances back and sees steward Han trailing behind them by about three meters. She lowers her voice and says, "Now I know why you don't like him. He's not as good as your laoda. He kept watching you like you did something wrong but he calmly grabs that girl's hand!"

"We're done with this matter. I'm tired. Go home. Yes, we'll divide the money 50/50, and just put the money on my card. I'll text you my number." Her voice is weary and tired. Xiaonan is riddled with guilt after seeing her eyes turn red, and hearing her voice.

She turns her body to avoid eye contact with An Chuxia. She chokes. "I know you've had a shortcoming! It's okay to go back since you're tired. If something happens, I'll call."

She waits long enough for An Chuxia to answer before raising her arm to hail a taxi. It isn't until Meng Xiaonan's cab disappears in the traffic when she recovers her gaze and turns to walk back.

Steward Han hurries over to An Chuxia as soon as he sees her. His hand trembles as his speaks in a tone filled with fear. "Madame, the lady is the daughter of one of Han Group's business partners, and is considered elite. It would be of best interest if you let go of your anger, please."

In three seconds, An Chuxia covers her mouth as she laughs. "Did you see it? Despite that kid saying it's exaggerated, his eyes were on me from start to finish."

Steward Han is happy with An Chuxia's response. "Madame, I like you a lot. Also, you have greater understanding of the young master."

The smile on her face disappears after hearing steward Han's statement. As she looks around, there is no sign of Han Qilu or that woman.Her eyes fill with loneliness. She says in passing, "Steward Han, please don't say those words. Eventually, I will have to leave the Han residence. I won't be his fiancee. Please don't take this matter seriously."

Stupidly, steward Han shakes his head hurriedly. "No, madame… ."

Her phone rings. She presses the answer key and a familiar voice speaks. "Young madame?"

Him? Why is he calling? She's afraid he's going to ask her for help. With god as her pilot, An Chuxia's mouth laughs out loud. "Assistant Ding? How are you free to give me a call?"

"This morning, I failed to send you a gift from the ceremony, and I feel badly about it. I took the time to get you something. I hope I can meet up with you." His voice sounds sincere over the phone. An Chuxia kneads her temple. She can't see any reason to refuse. However… the gifts… .

"I'm at the tea shop across the World Trade building. Come at your leisure." Then, she turns off her mobile phone. She feels particularly busy lately. The last four or five days feel like four or five years.

Steward Han asks, "Madame, are we not going back?"

She nods slightly, suddenly transfixed on the butler. "The Han group has an alliance with the Volkswagen Group, right? How is that possible?"

Steward Han was stunned for a moment. Then, he thinks of the phone call. Raising his eyes with respect, he says, "I wouldn't quite call it a partnership, but I guess Ding Ning needed to find you for a reason."

"Oh?" An Chuxia ponders, smirking. "What would that be?"

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