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Chapter 204
Throw Her Away for Me

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

“Han Qilu!” An Chuxia pleads for Lila. However, Han Qilu just grasps her shoulder and says with indifference, “You’re not wrong.”

Without warning, Han Qilu grabs her wrist, propelling her forward. The momentum makes her hasten her step to keep up with his pace. She looks back and sees Lila stare at him with a murderous gaze. Qilu releases her wrist and walks to the driver’s side of the car. When she opens the door, she sees Lila’s reflection as she rushes toward her with a make-up tool as a weapon.

“Miss!” Ding

Ning attempts to pull Lila away but alas, he is a step too slow. Instead, he trips and falls. Han Qilu tries to get out of the car quickly, but he is too late.

Cold eyes stare back at Lila. Her hair is messy, and her face is covered with blood. Her eyes are fearless. Just as Lila is about to stab Chuxia, her footsteps falter. Her hand stabs the air as An Chuxia restrains her.

She wouldn’t have thought An Chuxia would be so quick to take her wrist and crush her bones. Hard. She knows her life is over… .

Han Qilu

Qilu finally relaxes when he reaches An Chuxia’s side and sees her restraining Lila. This woman is reckless. She will be the death of him! He smiles when he hears An Chuxia say pleasantly, “Lila, nothing happened.”

Dazed, An Chuxia bypasses Lila before reentering the car. Han Qilu’s eases his cold gaze on Lila. Since An Chuxia doesn’t seem angry or scared, he acts like the incident never happened.

“There’s no next time,” he says coldly as he walks back to the driver’s side. He lifts his chin to Ding Ning, who had no idea what transpired since he just got off the ground.

the ground. “Send someone to drive my other car back to the Hans.”

“Yes, young master!” Ding Ning complies. He looks at An Chuxia with renewed respect and admiration. He realizes Lila isn’t sensible.

Once the car leaves, Ding Ning walks in front of the disheveled Lira. Bloody fingerprints immediately appear on her face. Her face swells immediately from Ding Ning’s heavy hand. Blood escapes the corner of her mouth.

She raises a slender hand to the side of her face. Crying, she throws herself at his feet. “Mr. Ding, please don’t dismiss me… .”

Dismiss? She thinks this she is only getting a dismissal? He clenches dismissal? He clenches his teeth to suppress the urge to kick her. He turns his head and orders his men, “Discard all the valuable at the hotel. All your credit cards from laoda’s account is closed. After today, you’re no longer employed as this company’s model.”

“Yes!” His subordinates in suits comply. As Lila thought, everything Han Qilu has given her so easily is taken away as quickly.

As Ding Ning kicks her, her vision turns fuzzy. Everything in front of her becomes surreal… Eventually, her eyes become heavy, and she completely loses consciousness.

The last thing she hears is, “Truly unlucky! Throw her away for me!”

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