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Chapter 205

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

Once they’ve returned to the mansion, Jiang Yuan glances at the sports car and tells them she loves the model. She quickly mentions to Chuxia she’s her writing apprentice. Her contract has been sent for approval.

Chuxia should’ve been happy with Jiang Yuan’s announcement, but thoughts of Lila and her bloodied face fills her thoughts. She forces a smile on her lips as she says, “Thank you, Ma, but I am tired. I’m going to my room to rest.”

Jiang Yuan doesn’t say anything. She nods and follows Chuxia silently with her eyes as she ascends the steps and disappears on

the second floor. Once out of sight, the puzzled Jiang Yuan attacks Han Qilu. She bluntly inquires, “You were supposed to have lunch… Brat! Did you bully my treasured xiao An Chuxia?”

He shrugs unexpectedly. His eyes are filled with complex thoughts. “I’ll check up on her. Go ahead and have lunch.”

She watches Han Qilu run up the steps. She’s glad she didn’t have to say anything. Here eyes light up as she turns around to look at the sports car. “I can write this car into the novel! No, no… how should I describe the Lamborghini? How? As long as I’m willing to write it,

it, everything is possible!”

The room is silent. The window blinds are pulled open, and sunlight illuminates the entire room. She blocks the blinding light with her wrist until her pupils adjusts. She puts her hand on the desk and opens the notebook. After logging into QQ, she pities herself for not having an on-line friend who’d be willing to chat.

Sighing, she wonders what Meng Xiaonan is doing. Just as she was about to call her, the door suddenly opens. “What’s bothering you?”

She shakes her head and says indifferently, “Nothing. I just want to… Han Qilu, why were you so cold-blooded? Lila didn’t make a big mistake.

big mistake. You actually… that person called Ding something, wouldn’t it have been easier to forgive her?”

The thought of Lila’s face gives her goosebumps. Was it painful? An Chuxia is not a monk who will go to the poor, but she sees is Lila’s expression every time she closes her eyes.

His eyes are filled with mixed emotions as he stops in front of her. “I’m only nice to people who treat others well.”

What he says should placate her, but it only leaves her with infinite loathing. How selfish! She suddenly gets up. She couldn’t help but yell at him. “Let me not inconvenience you anymore! Both of us… Yes, we may Yes, we may not loathe each other anymore, but don’t you love Xiang Mankuai? So please, don’t say nice things to me. I would only find it ironically tragic.”

The air immediately solidifies. An Chuxia suddenly feels the infinite chill. She clearly sees the blue vein rise from his forehead as his eyes fill with hostility.

She whispers. Her eyes are filled with contempt. “Han Qilu, am I just her substitute? I’m telling you now, I’m not willing to be anyone’s alternative. After today, please restrain yourself.” She refers to Han’s attempts to kiss her repeatedly.

He nods slowly as a bloodthirsty laugh rises to his lips. “Alright… .”

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