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Chapter 159

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

The GM is immediately moved to tears as he looks at the backs of the couple as they leave the restaurant. “Madame, people will speak highly of you!!!”


Walking out excitedly, An Chuxia spills orange juice everywhere as the glass in her hand bounces. It spills on the general manager’s hair, giving “drenched chicken” a new meaning. Next to the GM is a waitstaff, frantically searching for a towel to help the GM dry off. However, he refuses. He raises an eyebrow and says clearly, “Go quickly. Why are you rubbing? What is this? What do you call this… what?”

Laughter bursts in the restaurant. The clamor returns after Han Qilu leaves the

silent dining area.

An Chuxia finishes her orange juice as they sit in Han Qilu’s car. She’s worried about taking the juice glass back. They’re already back in the car, but will Qilu allow her to return the glass? More than likely, not. If she wouldn’t will the friendly GM blame her? He shouldn’t… he shouldn’t blame her.

But in her heart, she will always feel weird about it. It’s like she owes them something.

“Let’s go!” She snaps out of her thoughts as soon as Han Qilu stops the vehicle. She looks outside of the window. She is surprised to see they’ve driven to Xiao Hospital. Finally, it’s not owned by the Hans but the Xiaos… is this Xiao

Xiao Mingluo’s family’s hospital? Can the world possibly be this small?

“This is owned by Mingluo’s family. The technology here is one of the best both domestically and internationally. I took you here to have your allergies checked. Get out.” Han Qilu says. His statement sounds benign, but to her, he sounds infinitely confused. For such a mundane allergy, why would he take her to a top hospital?

Should a mosquito be killed with an ox chopper?

Suddenly, a knock resonates on the glass window. A faint voice from the outside says, “Sir, parking isn’t permitted here.” The insulation inside the car is so good, the only reason the voice from the outside is heard is because the hospital’s security guard is

guard is loud.

Frowning, Qilu presses a button and the glass rolls down slowly. The security guard recognizes Han Qilu and is immediately silent, looking deathly pale. “It’s young master Han… Are you here for an examination?” Regarding the parking… security doesn’t say a word.

He opens the car door and bends at the waist. Chuxia also gets out of the car. Her lips are still itchy, and strangely uncomfortable.

Han Qilu can see she doesn’t like the itchy sensation. He rolls his eyes and scolds. “How don’t you know you have a shellfish allergy and eat the lobster? Do you know some people’s allergies make them go into shock, and eventually cause their death? Did you know you almost lost your almost lost your life because of you gluttony?”

She knows he’s scolding her for her own good. She doesn’t talk back but she replies slowly, “I didn’t know I am allergic to seafood!”

Han Qilu stops mid-stride. “You mean you had lobsters before and didn’t have an allergic reaction? Well, I’ll immediately let that restaurant know… .”

“No!” She quickly stops Han Qilu, waving her hand and explains. “I’ve never eaten seafood before… .”

Her mother taught and had odd jobs everywhere, and had barely enough pay to sustain their household. During New Year celebrations, they aren’t necessarily able to eat small fish, let alone spare cash to buy shellfish. This is the first time she has ever eaten lobster!

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