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Chapter 160

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Han Qilu remains silent. He looks deeply into her eyes before leading her by the hand into the hospital.

After the hospital chief gives her a thorough examination, he concludes she has a mild shellfish allergy. After giving her topical ointment and several antihistamine pills, Han Qilu relaxes.

“As for you?” An Chuxia’s disposition is funny and bubbly. He does a full-body CT, and an ultrasound of her heart. The color doppler shows a couple of surprising results. Despite Qilu’s impatience, he, too, is tense. Why does seeing her heart makes him feel strange?

“The next time you want to eat shellfish, take some antihistamines beforehand. Avoid eating them as

much as possible. But if you eat and feel your lips swelling, don’t touch your lips. It’s going through anaphylaxis.” Looking her over and deciding she’s fine, the chief lowers his head and signs the prescription. She looks at what is written. She’s unable to clearly recognize the characters on the pad.

The legendary doctor scribbles words like flying dragons and dancing phoenixes to protect the patient from their line of sight, but it’s a poor excuse for writing ineligibly!

The chief asks the nurse to come in. He hands the prescription directly to Han Qilu. “Take this and leave your little sweetheart here.” As soon as instructions are given, Qilu hurriedly walks to the

the pharmacy.

Shrugging, she apologetically looks at the chief and says, “He doesn’t really mean for you to attend to me, Chief. He’s quite impolite. Please do not be offended.”

After hearing her apology, the Chief gawks. Then, he sizes her up. His line of sight is suddenly pulled far away, seemingly lost in his thoughts.

“Chief?” She doubts whether she is the one who has misspoken and made him fall into silence. She reaches out in front of him.

An Chuxia wakes the chief up from his stupor. He smiles before adjusting his eyeglasses. He says in all sincerity, “I’m sorry. Your words reminded me of a patient who said the exact words, and it made me

made me recollect. Back then, this child also brought a girl over. I know I probably shouldn’t be asking this, but I want to know what happened.”

Her hand stiffens. She knows “this child” refers to Han Qilu, but who’s his female friend? Right, wouldn’t it be… She lets out a dry cough. Her facial features don’t change. “Would the girl happen to be Mo Xinwei?”

The chief shakes his head after a brief thought. “If I remember, Mo Xinwei was also present. However, the female friend Han Qilu brought here is named Xiang Mankuai. She’s a rising star and was recently on TV. She, too, has a shellfish allergy. However, her allergy is more serious. It causes serious. It causes her to go into shock. If they came in any later, her prognosis wouldn’t have been good. Master Han, at that time, was very anxious. After he called, he pinched my neck to make sure she got her medicine. It’s why the incident left a profound mark in my memory.”

Xiang Mankuai… she’s never heard her name before. Uncle Han never mentioned her by name. However, the chief’s expression is quite strange.

“What do you want to ask?” He has a blank expression on his face. The chief coughs before asking her in a serious tone. “What is your relationship with young master Han? I don’t know if I should ask you my next question.”

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