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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 155 She Is a Little Lady

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Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

Is she invisible? They've been in the establishment for a while now, and it's only now he discovers her existence? Heavens, this GM is obnoxious!

She coolly looks from the GM's face to her mobile she pulls out from her pocket. She flips through her games: some with gold coins, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja… She loves cutting those watermelon.

I cut! I cut! I cut you, Han Qilu! What did Qilu say a moment ago? She raises her head. The phone screen displays GAME OVER~

All eyes focus on them. Correction, she is acutely aware they fall on her. Not only has Qilu charmed the entire restaurant, but the patrons are staring at her, and that's because he's sitting opposite her! Han Qilu!

The corners of his mouth pull to a full smile. She turns her head slightly to look at him before dedicating her effort to reading the menu. She tries to remember an earlier conversation she had with this animal… She remembers playing Fruit Ninja, her second game which is an acceleration game. That's when she thinks she heard him say, "She's my fiancée." Right, right! That must be it! The issue lies in his statement!

"That… ." Her mouth just opens, wanting to correct the GM. However, he enthusiastically approaches Chuxia and asks in his unique loud voice, "Madame, what can I do for you?"

Madame? Her hand shakes as she clutches her phone. But it slips and falls to the ground. The general manager hurriedly bends to retrieve the phone. He blows off the non-existent dust on the device before respectfully handing the phone over to her. "Madame, your cell phone."

Their eyes align. It seems there's a tacit understanding with the patrons to take photos with their phone. Lights flash, making Chuxia slip a lip as she gazes out the window. This violates her privacy! She is so angry that if she has a glass of wather, she would've thrown it. Her image would truly be destroyed.

"You're scaring him," Qilu blurts despite Chuxia looking away. She can still feel the GM's trembling body. Clenching her teeth, she smiles and says, "I'm not scared… but I don't like my photo taken."

Han Qilu looks at her softly before turning around to observe the room. He sees photos being taken in different stages. Some have gone back to eating their meals, while others look back at their menu. Some have gotten up to settle their bill. But he continues looking. Can that many people be malicious against… She swallows hard.

"Do you want your mobile?" he asks her.

She remembers that the GM still has her phone. Despite trembling hands, he maintained his posture. She snatches the device from the GM and apologizes. Thank you. I've dozed off for a moment. I'm sorry."

CHAPTER 156 But You Have Me

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

The GM smiles brightly. "Any time I can be of service, Madam. It'll be an honor."

"As long as you're not serving fish, you can serve us." Han Qilu raises the menu and lets it slip off his fingers. The GM jumps in an attempt to catch the menu… but he ends up empty-handed. The GM witnesses Qilu stare at Chuxia. He laughs foolishly as he picks up the menu from the floor.

Puff! She covers her mouth and giggles. She catches his eye and sees him smiling at her "anger". She gets up quickly. What she wants to do is interrogate him loudly, but she remembers they're in public. Instead, she sidles up to Qilu and says in a whisper, "Come to the bathroom with me."

She straightens up before walking toward the restroom. However, Han Qilu immediately stands. Acting naturally, he grabs her wrist. "Do you know where the bathroom is, dear?"

This animal is being deliberate! An Chuxia's jaw clenches, but she smiles and says, "No, I don't. Can you lead me to it?" Han Qilu smiles, satisfied with himself. Under watchful eyes, Chuxia is led to the women's bathroom. As soon as he realizes they're alone, he leads her in.

"My dear, why are you so impatient?" Han Qilu asks with a sly smile. He jokingly sighs and says, "Well, what do you have to say to me in here?"

She doesn't reply. Instead, she takes hand soap, turns on the faucet, then cups her hands to sprinkle her face with water. She waits for the water to warm up. Then, she turns it off and dries her face on a paper towel.

"Han Qilu, why are you doing this? You didn't want the world to know that I'm your… ." Half of sentence trails as she restrains herself from completing her thoughts. She takes a deep breath while staring at him. "You and I attend the same school, and you have your fans, your identity, your status. But what do I have? Your fans are going to shred me to pieces! I'm afraid to die!"

Suddenly, silence fills the bathroom. Several patrons, who wanted to use the facilities, left the moment they see Qilu. No one dares to offend Han Qilu. Only her, An Chuxia.

Appearing distressed, he tilts his head toward her. "What do you want me to do? You're afraid of death… Do you want me or my mother to arrange for bodyguards to protect you? That way, no one dares to touch you or shred you to pieces."

He says it jokingly but she isn't amused. Instead, her expression becomes more dour. She gnaws on her lower lip, lost in her own thoughts.

Putting away his cynical smile, Qilu takes a step toward her. He puts his hand on her face to wipe off a missed water droplet with his thumb. At this moment, time is forbidden. Her face suddenly turns crimson.

"Sure, I may have my fans, my identity, my status." He bends down and drops a kiss on her forehead. "But you have me."

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