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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 157 You're Really Virtuous

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Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

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But you have me.

Those words send a delightful shiver down her spine. As she feels her face warm up, she shoves Han Qilu away from her and she runs back to her seat. Her heart races way past its normal rhythm.

"You've returned, madame." Food is set on the table. Smiling, the GM asks Chuxia, "What would you like to drink?"

"Ah, what to drink… ." She sees red wine on the table for Qilu. She points at the red wine bottles and says, "He'll be driving. Please take away the bottles of wine and give us two fruit juices instead."

The GM laughs genuinely. "Madame, you're so caring. I'll send fruit juices immediately. Is orange juice acceptable?"

An Chuxia nods as the GM says, "You're really virtuous." His smile calms her beating heart. Damn it! Why is she useless? Why hasn't Qilu returned to the table? Whatever. Earlier, she didn't feel like eating. Now, she feels like she's starved to death. It has started again!

Unable to control herself, she starts eating happily. Her mood matches the weather outside: sunny, without a cloud in sight.

The Sink Area

He watches a frustrated An Chuxia run out on him. Han Qilu drops his head and laughs. This girl blushes at the slightest, making her really interesting… She may be weak, but after being shown the light, she shines momentarily. Then, Han Qilu's nerve’s struck and brought him back to reality.

He adjusts his pupils and wipes off his smile until there's no trace left. He turns around, catching up with the shadow he almost loses. The man shrinks his neck, fearfully dreading Qilu. He holds on to his camera for dear life.

Qilu didn't need to guess he is paparazzi. He has great ambition and dares to photograph the elusive Han Qilu… .

"Young master Han Qilu, please forgive me! I will erase all the pictures I took a moment ago. I will not reveal anything, I promise! I ask you to forgive me. I have my mother to care for and I still have a child that's nursing. I ask you to show mercy." The person's face is panic-stricken. Han Qilu, after all, is an untouchable.

The photographer truly needs money, and this news is too hot. It's by chance he runs into him in this restaurant.

Hearing his plea, Han Qilu suddenly says, "You can take my picture and sell it to the newspaper."

"I won't!" The person shakes his head immediately. "Just kill me. I won't dare publish this picture. I will delete all of it!" He was about to do so when Han Qilu stops him suddenly.

The man looks up at him, perplexed.

"We're trying to find a good opportunity to announce this matter. If you delete this photo now, I will definitely kill you!" He sees the person shudder. Han Qilu smiles. "Remember to sell this photo to the Sunshine Newspaper. The president will reward you. As for other things, you don't need to worry about it."

CHAPTER 158 You Fool

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

The paparazzi is taken aback for a moment before immediately responding. After expressing gratitude, he holds on to his camera and exits with a smile. He glances at the excellently shot photo. It happens to be when he gently kisses Chuxia. This paparazzi's photo sends a powerful message.

The corners of his mouth lift. He washes his hands and smiles as he exits the bathroom. People will now know An Chuxia as his fiancée! There's nothing An Chenchuan can do in school but be miserable. He doesn't want them to meet again in this lifetime. As for Chuxia, he will have to find a way for her to personally admit she likes him on her own accord… .

An Chuxia feels her lips and throat feel numb and itchy as she takes the second lobster. She realizes her face is swollen.

"What is this?" She asked herself out loud. Han Qilu happens to enter the dining room and he knew… she must be allergic! Although it isn't quite evident, the middle of her lips seems to be the only part swollen, and he can tell by looking at her.

"What did you eat?" He approaches her. His voice seems to be angry.

As he arrives at her side, Chuxia frowns and says, "Han Qilu, my lips seem swollen. It feels so strange. It's quite itchy." She couldn't help but reach out. He catches her wrist before she injures herself any further with the lobster and oil in her hand.

"You fool!" He lets out a low curse. He pulls her off from her seat and walks her outside. The GM meets them in the hallway with two fruit juices.

"Young master! Madame! Why are you leaving?"

Han Qilu's face becomes unusually dark. Unable to control his emotions, he frowns at the manager and speaks to him in a coldly. "She is allergic to shellfish and you allowed her to eat the lobster?"

The GM stares at her immediately with big eyes. He notices her lips are slightly swollen. Afraid, he takes a step back. "Master… this… I didn't know!"

"The manager didn't know. I didn’t know!" She chuckles. "I feel a little bit itchy, and I don't think it's anything serious. May I have the orange juice? My throat is quite dry and uncomfortable." She stretches out her hand and grabs on to Qilu, the other, taking the orange juice from the manager. "Thanks. Although the next time I come here to eat, I probably won't be ordering the lobster."

While wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, the manager smiles and watches this enigma of a madame. Looking dismayed, the GM says, "Master, I will submit my resignation letter this afternoon."

An Chuxia is puzzled. She didn’t know that if a Han Group employee makes Han Qilu unhappy, the leader must immediately submit their resignation. Moreover, they cannot work for Han Group again. Once a person resigns from the Han Group, they usually can't find another job elsewhere.

Although the manager is extremely sad, he didn't complain about Chuxia. After all, she is sympathetic to a service- oriented personnel.

Compared to the young lady Master Han brought along some time ago, An Chuxia is better by volumes.

Looking into Chuxia's eyes, Qilu faintly says, "Don't. She said the lobster served was delicious. We are just leaving." He quietly walks Chuxia out the door.

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