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Chapter 148
I Won’t Let You Touch Her

Translated, edited and proofread by newbienoona

Chuxia is surprised when she sees the familiar figure. She stiffens.

It can’t be… Fuxing High’s Nian Qingyou? He used to block her way to school everyday, causing her to run late on a daily basis.

It became an impulse for her to run the moment she sees him. But this time, she suppresses the urge. Why should she run? It’s not like she’s a thief.

“Chuxia! It’s really you! Do you… remember me?” He is handsome. His white shirt contrasts Qilu’s black. While both men are attractive, Qingyou doesn’t

possess Qilu’s domineering personality. However, Qingyou doesn’t pay attention to Qilu standing next to her. His eyes shine brightly on Chuxia.

It takes a discerning eye to see boys are interested in her. But comparing the surprise and joy of the male student, Chuxia acts indifferent. “I remember, Nian Qingyou!”

The apprehension in Qilu’s eyes disappear the moment he hears her response. He stays next to her without disregard. The blue vein, including the one on his forehead, jumps, showing his bad disposition. He is almost at the edge of that storm.

“You actually remember me!” Excitement courses though the boy,

boy, so much so, he sheds tears.

How hypocritical can you be, Nian Qingyou? An Chuxia dislikes him so much she shedded tears upon sight of him. The last time they met, she refused the milk tea he offered. So, he sat next to her, crying, until she accepted the cup “filled with love”.

Qilu doesn’t hold Chuxia back when she takes a step toward Nian Qingyou. However, sher first reaction is to turn around and face Han Qilu.

Qilu calmly looks up into the sky at a forty-five degree angle before taking a deep breath, and then… .

Pow! A crisp slap resounds through

resounds through the alley. An Chuxia freezes on the spot. She closed her eyes thinking Qilu was raising his hand to hit her. She expected to feel pain when she opens her eyes. Instead, she sees Nian Qingyou’s swollen face.

Clearly, Han Qilu’s slap is a gift to Nian Qingyou. He can see she is scared in the student’s presence, but the boy doesn’t let her go. The student seemed to forget to swallow. Why did he hit him?

“Let go of her hand. Otherwise… I’ll stomp on it!” Han Qilu squats like a wolf to scare him. An Chuxia is so popular, not so popular, not only do female students hug her, but male students as well!… Has she been hugged by this individual? The thought sets an unfamiliar fire in his chest. The flame is so big, he wants to choke this man to death!

Subconsciously, Han Qilu is taking liberty with Nian Qingyou, thinking the boy fancies Chuxia. “What do you want to do?” The rogue.

Nian Qinyou raises an eyebrow, leering. “Can’t I not bump her? Who are you to her?”

An Chuxia’s thoughts are akin to paste: chaotic and a mess. Being protected after all that sorrow and death renders her speechless.

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